This Week's Message

A year already
This week we mark
A year since the death of
Uri Avnery, man of peace.

In a country which, bluntly
And stupidly, blocks
Members of Congress
And gets drawn into
A new escalation
With the... • More...

"They come to destroy,
We come to build!"
So declared Netanyahu,
Exactly one week after
He sent soldiers and bulldozers
To destroy the homes of
70 Palestinian families. • More...

Not naked
Declare in writing
That I am
Not naked,
The Emperor
Ordered his
Forty friends. • More...

No partner
"Ben Gurion proclaimed the state,
But also Netanyahu had
An important achievement:
He terminated the negotiations
With the Palestinians",
The "Be'Sheva" rightist weekly wrote.

Thus, they at least... • More...

Destruction gimmick
How to let right wingers
Know that it is worthwhile
To vote Likud?

Very simple:
Send hundreds of soldiers
With bulldozers
To destroy an entire
Palestinian neighborhood
In East Jerusalem. • More...

Just remove the army
Mr. Netanyahu, there is
No need to "uproot"
Any settlement.
Just to remove the army.

Settlers wanting to.stay on
Under full Palestinian rule -

Those who don't want it
Can be good... • More...

Who is illegal here?
The settlers demand
The destruction of
28,000 "illegal"
Palestinian homes.

International Law says clearly:
It is the settlements
Which are illegal.
Not the Palestinian homes. • More...

Sixty fishing boats
Sixty fishing boats
Confiscated at sea

Sixty fishermen
Getting home
Without fish -
And without a boat.

Now, Netanyahu promises
To return the boats.
But why confiscate them
In the first place? • More...

Not for sale
The Palestinians are
Not willing
To remain
Under occupation
For money,
However much.

Sorry Mr Trump,
Not everything
Is for sale. • More...

For sale
Netanyahu and Trump
Are best friends.
Just one thing
Separates them:
Sale of the Haifa Port
To the Chinese.
Perhaps we could sell
Trump Heights instead. • More...

There is no stopping in the middle
To the attention of
Ambassador Friedman
And those who cheer him:

If you start nibbling
From the West Bank
There is no stopping in the middle
You end up
Devouring the whole territory
And giving... • More...

The choice is ours
A knife attack
In East Jerusalem
Is a reminder of
Israel's rule over the Palestinians,
Fifty-two years old
This week.

If we don’t end the occupation
Another generation will
Live with fear and... • More...

Another chance
Repeat elections?
So, for the time being
No cutting down
Of the Supreme Court.
No special immunity
For Prime Ministers.
No annexations.
And there is
Another chance
To get rid
Of Netanyahu.. • More...

Behind the curtains
For the Eurovision
We present an image
Of an open, pluralist and
Tolerant society.

Perhaps the world
Won't pay attention to
Our Nationality Law
Which fits Apartheid
And the paralyzing of the... • More...

The additional day
Already on Saturday night
It was possible to
Achieve a cease-fire.
But oh, the deterrence.

During the additional day
Three Israelis and
Fifteen Palestinians
Were killed.

Whose deterrence did it... • More...

Simple enough
The Two State Solution
Is better not mentioned,
Says Trump's man Greenblatt.
Too difficult a concept.

In fact, it is simple enough
1) The IDF leaves
The whole territory
2) A Palestinian state
Is... • More...

To be able to call home
After many hunger strikes
The state of Israel now agreed
To install public phones
Also for Palestinian prisoners.

Avoiding an embarrassment
During the Eurovision:
Prisoners starving themselves... • More...

How lucky
What should we vote for?
To get rid of Netanyahu,
Or to end the occupation?

Fortunately, there are
Parties and candidates
Standing firmly for both. • More...

There is a partner
The Government of Israel
Negotiated with Hamas
And reached an agreement.
Both Hamas and Israel
Kept their part of the deal.

If it is possible to talk
Even to Hamas,
Let no one say again
That... • More...

Reality out of the blue
Conducting elections
As if there are
No Palestinians,
No occupation and
No siege of Gaza.

Then seeing reality
Flying in your face. • More...

The never-ending injustice
Gal Keidan was born
In Be’er Sheba
On the 33rd year
Of the occupation,
And grew up to be
A gifted musician
To be shot to death,
A soldier, in the 52nd year
Of the never-ending injustice,
Which... • More...

Self-evident facts
"The United States is
The state of all its citizens".
"Britain is the state
Of all its citizens".
France is the state
Of all its citizens".
What? Is there somebody
Like Rotem Sela
In all these... • More...

The permanent status quo
The worst corruption
Of Netanyahu is
Drowning the hope for peace
In a pool of cynicism
And making the Occupation
Into a permanent Status Quo

But for this
No one will
Prosecute him... • More...

On the moon and on earth
A space probe
Was launched
To have
The Israeli pride on the moon.

On the same day,
Also a bullet was launched
Into the chest of
Youssef Said Hussein al-Dayeh,
15 years old.
The Israeli shame on... • More...

That's what Occupation does
“You send your kids
To the army, the Territories,
And get them back as beasts.
That's what Occupation does.”
So spoke a TV presenter
And raised a storm.

In this elections campaign
No one speaks... • More...

Kiling us all
The past week claimed
Three young lives:

* Hassan Shalabi, 14 years old
* Hamza Ishtawi, 18 years old
* Ori Ansbacher, 19 years old

The occupation kills us all! • More...

Sending away from Hebron
The Human Rights observers,
While the settlers stay there,
Is like abolishing
The fire brigade
On a hot, dry summer day. • More...

A soldier or a settler
Hamdi Taleb Na’asan
38 years old, father of four,
Was shot and killed
In his olive grove.

Who fired the bullet?
A soldier or a settler?

Either way,
Hamdi Taleb Na’asan
Was killed because of
The... • More...

With a knife
To shoot and kill
A Palestinian with a knife
Is OK. No questions asked.

The policeman in Bat Yam
Thought that it is OK
Also with regard to
A Jewish Israeli -
A black one. • More...

The outgoing Army Chief
Boasted that the IDF
Destroyed the tunnels by which
Hezbollah men tried
To violate Israeli sovereignty.
And he also boasted of
Destroying the Syrian
Anti-aircraft... • More...