This Week's Message 

What (if anything) did Biden leave to Israelis & Palestinians?

Upon arriving

In Israel,

President Biden

Voiced verbal

Support for

The Two State Solution -

But immediately

Made it clear that

He would do nothing

To get this solution


Biden had very little

To offer to

The Palestinians.

Not even reopening

The US Consulate

In East Jerusalem -

A measure he had

Explicitly promised.

Biden took off

To Saudi Arabia,

His main destination,

Leaving behind

Millions of Palestinians

Under continuing

Brutal oppression.

Defence Minister Ganz

Who aspires to

Become Prime Minister

Declared that he would not

Negotiate with

The Palestinians

But only seek to

"Reduce the conflict".

But is it really possible

To reduce the conflict

And ask the Palestinians

To endure the occupation

And wait patiently

For another

American President

Or for a true

Government of Change

In Israel?

This illusion

Might blow up

In all our faces.