This Week's Message 

The goal was achieved!

Towards the November elections,

It was important to Yair Lapid,

Interim Prime Minister,

To prove his military capabilities.

Some of

Lapid's predecessors

Bombed Gaza

For months

And killed


Lapid was content with

Just three days

And the killing of

Only 35 Palestinians.

A five-year-old girl

Was killed by

The bombs of the

Israeli Air Force.

Regarding four other children

Responsibility is disputed,

But undoubtedly they are

Absolutely dead.

And there were

A few more

Unarmed civilians

Who were killed

Here and there.

Unfortunate accidents.

But most important:

The goal was achieved!

Yair Lapid has

Conclusively proven

That he can manage

A military operation

No less well

Than Netanyahu.

This might get him

Vital votes

From the "soft right".


Mr. Lapid!