This Week's Message 

Please, don't take away our alibi!

The plans of the

Government of Israel

To carry out a "judicial reform",

Aimed at breaking

The power of the Supreme Court,

Are getting enormous attention

Around the world.

The President of The United States

expressed deep concern for

The future of Israeli democracy.

So did the President of France

And the Chancellor of Germany

And the British Prime Minister

And even the European Parliament

In its plenary session.

That’s actually a bit strange.

The relationship between

The Executive Branch

And the Judicial Branch

Is clearly an internal matter

Of the State of Israel.

Usually, sovereign states

Do not interfere

In the internal affairs

Of other states.

But in this case

There is good reason

For an unusual

Diplomatic conduct.

Immediately upon its creation,

Israel was accepted

Into a prestigious club called

"The Western Democracies".

Israel remained a respected

Member of the club

Even after 1967,

When it established

An occupation rule over

Millions of Palestinians,

Which has no resemblance

To democracy.

The Western countries say

That the occupation is

A regrettable

But temporary situation,

To be resolved by

The Two-State Solution.

Even when the occupation

Has been going on

For 55 years,

The Western countries

Persist in waiting for

The Two-State Solution.

Even if long delayed,

Come it will!

And meanwhile, Israel

Is still a democratic country.

(Americans like to say

"A Vibrant Democracy".)

With democratic Israel

It is possible to trade

And supply it with submarines

And advanced fighter jets

And impose on its behalf

A veto in the UN

And defend it before

The International Court

In The Hague.

But for all that to happen,

Israel - at least, the Israel

Which is inside

The Green Line -

Must remain democratic.

And in recent months

This is starting to be

Cast in doubt.

In effect, the Western countries

Are asking and begging

The Government of Israel:

"Please don't take away

Our alibi!

Please, allow us to

Continue supporting you!"

A very simple

And reasonable request.

But apparently,

The Government of Israel

Is about to

Reject it.