This Week's Message

It was true then, as it is now
Exactly a hundred years ago
Haim Weitzman,
Future President of Israel,
Signed an agreement
Which seemed promising
With Emir Feisal,
Later King of Iraq.

What did it bring?
Bloody riots which soon... • More...

Recognition now!
After a harsh war
Kosovo declared independence,
For years making efforts
To gain recognition.

Until now, Israel refrained
From recognizing Kosovo
For fear of creating a precedent
For recognition... • More...

Temporary relief
Ceasefire is good news
To Israeli farmers
Whose fields will not burn
And to Gaza fishermen
Who will go out to sea
Israeli planes will no longer
Take off on bombing missions
And Gazan homes will... • More...

What peace?
“All week I hear talk of
'Peace in return for peace'
But I can't really understand
What this is all about.
Here we have a war,
Missiles are falling,
Our residents live in basic insecurity”,
Said... • More...

Ask the farmers
Will direct flights
To Abu Dhabi
Bring us peace and quiet?

Ask the farmers
On the Gaza border
Whose fields are burning
And the parents of
Soldiers killed during
Raids of West Bank villages.

The... • More...

What few Israelis heard about
In a late night hour
The IDF conducted
"A routine operation"
In the city of Jenin
On the West Bank.

The soldiers' invasion
Encountered resistance
By the people of the city.
The IDF Spokesman... • More...

Crying coup
Netanyahu is in trouble.
Tens of thousands of protesters
Outside his residence
And his own supporters
Stay at home,
Fissures in the coalition
In the right wing block
And even in his own party... • More...

Where Netanyahu and Ganz agree
"We have the right
To bomb Syria
Whenever we want.

"We don't tolerate
Any violation of our
Sovereign territory
By land, sea or air".

On this Netanyahu and Ganz agree.

(It would not be the first... • More...

Flash grenades
From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv
And all over the country
Furious demonstrators
Take to squares and junctions.

But only in Jaffa
Did the police
Use flash grenades... • More...

Not the solution
For many years
Netanyahu said:
"The economy is flourishing,
So forget about corruption.
Forget about the Palestinians.
Life is good, isn't it?"

But with Coronavirus
The economy is in tatters.
And... • More...

The first of July
The first of July
Came and passed.
Annexation there was not.
And with the return of the Corona
Nobody paid much attention.

What will happen on
The first of August
And the first of September?... • More...

What do I care?
The jobless. the homeless,
The many bankrupt shops,
A new Corona explosion -
What do I care?
More important
To get my taxes back;
To put an end to
Those annoying demonstrations
In my backyard,
And... • More...

Emergency elections?
"To face the Coronavirus, we must
Have an emergency government!"
Cried Netanyahu two months ago.
Now, Coronavirus comes back -
And Netanyahu threatens
To break up that same government.
Why?... • More...

The mess
The German Foreign Minister
Asked not to implement annexation.
So did the Emirati Ambassador.
The army and security services
Warn of grave consequences.
Even the settlers are not
Enthusiastic... • More...

No guarantee
Annexing Palestinian territory -
What is the big deal?
Isn't our army there anyway?

It is turning a "temporary" occupation
Into permanent Apartheid.
A highly explosive situation,
Whose South... • More...

Less than Bantustans
"I am going to annex
The Jordan Valley,
But the Palestinians there
Will not get Israeli citizenship.
We will just keep them in enclaves",
So explained Netanyahu.
Enclaves for the Palestinians?... • More...

Netanyahu, the juggler!
From the dock
He puts his judges on trial,
At the same time promoting
Annexation which will put an end
To the threat of
Peace with the Palestinians,
And also at the same... • More...

The Hague
The new government is worried
About the International Court
In the Hague.
Would it then not be better
To shelve the annexation plans?
Annexing territory unilaterally
Is a violation of... • More...

Only we can
The Supreme Court judges
Cannot put an end
To the rule of Netanyahu.
Only we can.

The struggle
To bring down
The Netanyahu-Gantz
Annexation government.
Begins on the day
Of its inauguration. • More...

Will Netanyahu convince
The Court in Jerusalem
To let him hold office
As Prime Minister
Even while being indicted
For taking bribes?

Can he also convince
The Court in the Hague
To let him violate... • More...

The enablers
With the new government
Netanyahu will be able to do
What until now he couldn't:
Annex to Israel
What should have become
The Palestinian state,
The death blow
To any hope
Of a peaceful future... • More...

Why not every thief?
After long negotiations
The indicted PM
Secured the right
To take part in appointing
The judges before whom
He would appear.

But why only Bibi?
Why not every thief? • More...

Terrible days
Too many elderly people
Die alone, cut off from
Their loved ones.
Too many young people
Lose jobs and livelihood,
Facing mounting debts
They have no way of paying.

And Netanyahu?
Still obsessed... • More...

...but annexation is more important
For weeks on end
Netanyahu repeated
A dramatic call
To form immediately
A National Emergency Government
To fight the Coronavirus

Now it turns out
That what he actually wants
Is to create
An... • More...

The same day
The Palestinian shepherds
In the Jordan Valley
Don't have much
Against the Coronavirus.

But they did erect two tents,
To serve as a clinic
And some more
To isolate those who
Might fall ill... • More...

Against the Coronavirus
We will sooner or later
Become immune.
But the Corona coup
And the contempt
For the remains
Of democratic norms
May turn all of Israel
Into occupied territory. • More...

Chinese and Italians, Jews and Arabs
For the Coronavirus
We are all equal:
Chinese and Italians,
Jews and Arabs.

The Prime Minister demands
That the Emergency Government
Will not include Arabs,

It would not be
An Emergency... • More...

Mathematics & Democracy
Basics of mathematics:
62 is bigger than 58.

Basics of democracy:
All citizens are equal.
All Knesset Members are equal.
All of them, regardless of
Religion and ethnicity
Are entitled to take... • More...

Together saving the future of us all
Half of Israel's citizens
Have decided
That a nationalist and racist demagogue
Facing three serious criminal charges
Is the right person
To lead this country.

But – the other half
Do not want... • More...

A meagre hope
What can we hope for
From the elections
Next week?

An end to the
Rule of Netanyahu.
No Annexations.
No further damage to
The judicial system.

And perhaps,
We can even hope for
A government that... • More...