This Week's Message

A death trap
The talks have
The occupation
Goes on,
And with it
The conflict.

A family visit
To a settlement
In occupied territory
Turned into
A death trap. • More...

The danger of peace Has passed!
“The danger of peace
Has passed!”
A senior Likud member
Happily declared,
According to the media.

Netanyahu has won.
More such victories,
And we are lost. • More...

Both aspirations Must be addressed
The Israelis wait
For the release
Of Pollard.

The Palestinians
Marwan Barghouti.

In order to move
Towards peace,
Both aspirations
Must be addressed. • More...

Says Foreign Minister Lieberman
“The Palestinian appeal
To the Human Rights Council
Undermines trust
And endangers the negotiations!”
Says Foreign Minister Lieberman.

Not so
The killing of three
Palestinians in Jenin.
Nor... • More...

Kosher certificate
Who is a Jew?
An Israeli citizen
Can’t be considered Jewish
Without the Kosher certificate
Of the Chief Rabbinate.
- So said Ben Gurion.

What is a Jewish state?
The State of Israel
Can’t be... • More...

To serve In an occupation army
50 high school students
Told Netanyahu
That their conscience
Does not allow them
To serve
In an occupation army.

Happy the people
That has such
Sons and daughters. • More...

Our part
"We have already
Done our part!”
Said Netanyahu
In response to
President Obama.

No doubt:
In settlement construction
Netanyahu has done
Very much indeed. • More...

Judaization and Zero Tolerance
Naftali Bennet,
A senior minister in
The Netanyahu cabinet,
Advocates “Judaization”
Of the Negev and Galilee
And expresses “Zero tolerance”
For the aspirations
Of Israel’s Arab citizens.

Is this... • More...

On the moon?
Netanyahu is for two states
(So he says)
But sees nothing wrong
In settlement expansion.

A Palestinian state where?
On the moon? • More...

The Boycott Law
On Sunday,
Nine Judges of
The Supreme Court   
Will judge
The Boycott Law.

Consumer boycotts
Are legitimate:
Boycotting cottage cheese
Because its price
Is too high,
Boycotting settlements
Whose... • More...

Israel’s Vital interest
Not because of
International boycott
Should we
Make peace.

We should
Make peace
Because it is
In Israel’s
Vital interest! • More...

A Jew living in Palestine
Subject to and respecting
Palestinian law
Is one thing.

A settler who lives
In an armed enclave
Under the protection
Of an occupation army
Is something very different. • More...

Advice to Netanyahu:

Rather than
Being dazzled
By the Zionist speech
Of a Canadian PM,
Listen to
The warning
Of our own
Captains of industry:

Failure of
The negotiations
Might deal a severe blow... • More...

Defense Minister Ya’alon
Openly opposes
Peace with
The Palestinians.

A minister in control
Of the army
Has many ways
To sabotage negotiations.

A Prime Minister
Who leaves him there
Is fully... • More...

That is, in a democratic state
To the attention of
Foreign Minister

A state may
Give up territory.

A state may not
Strip its citizens
Of their citizenship.

That is, of course,
In a democratic state. • More...

The release of
Palestinian prisoners
Was supposed to be
A confidence-building measure.

But settlement construction
And the bill to annex
The Jordan Valley
Are making sure
That there will remain... • More...

Pollard For Peace
Jonathan Pollard
Should have been
long ago.

An agreement
With the Palestinians
Should have been
long ago.

If the two
Can be combined –
All the better! • More...

A Jewish State?
A state which sends
Refugees seeking asylum
To long imprisonment
Without trial
Deep in the desert -
That is not
A Jewish State! • More...

Our representative
After much hesitation,
Israel sent the
Knesset Speaker
To the funeral of
Nelson Mandela.

Speaker Edelstein
Lives in a settlement
In occupied territory,
Traveling daily
Over apartheid roads. • More...

Citizens, but...
The Bedouins
Wanted to be
Israeli citizens
With equal rights.
They joined the IDF

The State of Israel
Was concerned with
Theft of their land

Success was achieved:
The Bedouins were... • More...

With equal rights
The Bedouins
Wanted to be
Israeli citizens
With equal rights.
They joined the IDF

The State of Israel
Was concerned with
Theft of their land

Success was achieved:
The Bedouins were... • More...

In spite of
All the rhetoric,
The government
Has signed the
Agreement to
The settlements.

Congratulations! • More...

In the past,
Was our ally.

In the future,
May again become
Our ally.

Is in our
National interest. • More...

Has a new ally:
Saudi Arabia.

If so,
Why not adopt
The Saudi
Peace initiative? • More...

18 year after
The murder of Rabin,
Radioactive polonium
Was found 
On the remains
Of Arafat -
The other signer
of Oslo,
Who was able
To bring about
Full peace.

Whoever poisoned him
Tried to leave... • More...

Not released this week
In July 2002
An Israeli pilot
Dropped a
One ton bomb
On a house
In Gaza.

14 civilians
Were killed,
Including 8 children.

The pilot and
His superiors
Were not released
This week
From prison –... • More...

In the West Bank
The tension is soaring.

The “Peace Talks”
Do not arouse
The slightest hope for
Palestinian independence

Anyone who thinks that
Palestinians will accept
Occupation forever
Is... • More...

What will give us more security?
In the Jordan Valley,
The army is destroying
Entire Palestinian villages.

Leaks from the talks:
The main stumbling block
Is Netanyahu’s insistence
Upon keeping control
Of the Jordan Valley.

The... • More...

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
Made a Rabbinical ruling
That gaining peace
Has precedence
Over keeping territory

If the hundreds of thousands
Who attended his funeral
Would follow his teaching -
Peace would... • More...

The world
Heard it
Loud and clear:

Israel’s PM
Threatened war
And dismissed as a lie
President Rohani’s
Conciliatory speech.

Taking for granted
Israel’s own
"Nuclear ambiguity".) • More...