This Week's Message

Who had an Independence Day?

Who wants animal scarifice and human bloodshed?

Absolutely no political process! But what would come instead?

Please wait patiently! Where's the fire?

A naval blockade? What a villainy!

He Goes to Moscow - But Absolutely Not to Ramallah

A difficult week - and the following week seems even worse

An unsatisfactory answer

Flagrantly and in broad daylight

It's about time!

When you speak of violence, what do you mean?

The US and nuclear programs in the Middle East

Who Marks November 29?

To condemn or not to condemn, that is the question

To condemn or not to condemn, that is the question

Depends who you are arresting...

How many boys will this government kill?
Prime Minister Bennet announced

At a special press conference:

"Now that the Knesset has

Approved the budget,

The opposition has no chance left

To topple the government;

We will remain in... • More...

Balfour Declaration in 1917, Palestinian Human Rights in 2021

Israel scored an own goal

No need to shred

The camel cannot see its own hump.

Speeches in the UN and killings on the ground

Bennett's Responsibility

A matter of concrete debate
Is it moral
To take revenge
On a whole family
For the act of
One family member?

This is not only a matter of
Abstract philosophical debate
Among Israelis.

Also those who think that
Palestinians... • More...

What change?
Lapid, as Foreign Minister
Opens an embassy
In Abu Dhabi
And says niceties
To Arabs who live
Thousands of kilometers away.

And on the very same day
Lapid's 'government of change'
Sends bulldozers... • More...

No avoiding of the real issues
Before the government
Was formed, uniting
Right-wing and Left-wing,
It was declared that
This government would
Avoid dealing with
Controversial ideological issues.

After just a week,
The new... • More...

No moment of grace
Should thousands of
Extreme right settlers
Be allowed to "Dance with flags"
At the heart of the
Muslim Quarter in Jerusalem,
Provoke the Palestinian residents,
With crude racist songs,
And risk a... • More...

What has changed in this war?
After 11 days
Of death and destruction,
Does the government of Israel
Intend to fundamentally change
Its policy in the Gaza Strip?
There is no sign of
Any such intention.

The Israeli siege will... • More...

Turning "collateral damage" into war crime
"Our bombing of Gaza is moral"
Cried the Prime Minister
As if he cares.

"We are doing all
To avoid harm to civilians".
So he said.
Well, perhaps we try.

But when you drop
450 bombs in half an... • More...

Not much of a respite
The alternative bloc embarked on
Negotiations to form
A government without Netanyahu.

At the same time
A huge conflagration
Because of plans to evict
Hundreds of Palestinians
From their homes in... • More...