This Week's Message

Bad will gestures
82 millions to
The settlements.
An intensified
Of Arab Houses.

“Why don’t
The Europeans
Believe me
That I truly
Want peace?” • More...

Waterless in Jenin
In the hot summer
During Ramadan
Israel has cut off
The water supply
Of the towns of
Jenin and Salfit.

The settlement of Ariel
Next door to Salfit
Gets plenty
Of Water. • More...

Us all



Us all! • More...

After 49 years
Of occupation,
Netanyahu pays
Lip service
To the
Arab Peace

Congratulations! • More...

A peaceful future
The government
Of Israel
Failed in its
Most important task:
To provide
Its citizens with
A peaceful future.

Who cares?
The government
Of France. • More...

What next?
"Dark forces
Are rising
In the
Israeli society,”
So warned
General Ya’ir Golan.

“You have seen
Nothing yet!”
Answers Netanyahu
And appoints
Lieberman as
Defense Minister. • More...

The brave general
His (unknown)
Political views,
Gen. Yair Golan
Is a
National Hero.

The people
Should award him
A citation
For bravery. • More...

Nothing to offer
The Justice Minister
Proposes a bill
To annex
The settlements.

So it is no surprise
That Netanyahu
Says "No" to France.

Quite simple, he has
Nothing to offer. • More...

No amount
Of American aid
Can ensure
The future
Of a country
Which lives
By the sword
And rejects
The chance
Of reaching peace! • More...

Next year in Jerusalem...
This year, too,
An occupying
Is celebrating
The Holiday
Of Liberty.

Next year
In Jerusalem,
City of Peace,
Capital of
Two States! • More...

To preserve the calm
Netanyahu postponed
The demolition of
A family home
In East Jerusalem.

This was "in order
To preserve calm
During Passover".

Do we need calm
Only during Passover? • More...

Have exposed the
Financial secrets of
70 Heads of State.

Not yet exposed:
The secret paths
Of the money
The settlements. • More...

The main culprit
Who is to blame?
The soldier who
Shot and killed?
Or the politicians
Who incited?

The soldier
Is to blame.
The politicians, too.
But the main culprit:
The Occupation. • More...

If we really want
The President of
The United States
Visited Cuba
And met with
President Castro.

What long seemed
An impossible dream
Can become reality.
If we really want. • More...

Who can remember?
Israel’s air force
Killed 10 years old
Yassin Abu Husa
And his sister Asra,
Aged 6.

Who can remember?
It happened
A week ago! • More...

All of us
Is killing
All of us • More...

Two soldiers
Two soldiers blundered
Into Qalandia.
Extracting them
Required a veritable battle.

An entire country blundered
Into a decades-long occupation
Which already claimed
Thousands of lives. • More...

Smash the mirror!
All over
The London Tube,
Posters showing Israel:
Occupier, oppressor.

Furious calls
To the Mayor:

“Smash the mirror!
We don’t want
To be reflected!” • More...

Palestinian journalist
Muhammad al-Qiq
Was imprisoned
Without trial.

His hunger strike
To the verge of death
Puts the occupation
On trial. • More...

The next target
Jews and Arabs
Zionists and
Associations, artists,
Knesset Members.

And anyone
Can be
The next target
Of the witch hunt
Of Bibi & Co. • More...

If Israel had
A peace-seeking government,
It would have recognized
The State of Palestine
At its own initiative -

Without waiting
For France. • More...

What's next?
A vocal witch-hunt
Ended in naught.
The three activists
Were set free.

But all who oppose
The occupation
Remain under attack.

Next on the agenda:
The "Associations Law". • More...

Opposition to what?
The EU resolved:
"Agreements with Israel
Do not apply
To the territories
Occupied in 1967"

Netanyahu protested.
So did Herzog.

Herzog cannot be
Chief of the Opposition. • More...

Occupation refuser
Tair Kaminer, 19,
Said what many
Fail to understand:

“There is no security
Under occupation!"

She is now
In military prison
For refusing to serve
The occupation. • More...

As promised
Who says that
Does not
Keep his promises?

He indeed
Solemnly promised
That we will
Live forever
By the sword! • More...

And who gets stigmatized?
In a country which
Gets annual billions
From a foreign government,

Where settlers are financed
By anonymous donors,

And a casino tycoon publishes
A paper for the Prime Minister -

Human Rights... • More...

There was a warning
In 1967,
Yeshayahu Leibovitz
If the occupation
Lasts long,
Repression would
Turn not only
Against Arabs.

In 2015,
Even detainees of
The extreme right
Experience this
The hard way. • More...

Breaking the silence
Was the purpose of
Reservists criticizing
The role they had
In the occupation army.

The panic reaction
By government ministers
Proves their success. • More...

15 months, for what?
An Israeli
Military court
Sentenced Khalida Jarrar,
A member of the
Palestinian Parliament,
To 15 months in prison
For representing her voters
And expressing her
Political opinions. • More...

Solely for the protocol
Netanyahu clarified:
The handshake
With Abu Mazen
Was “solely
For the protocol”.

The clarification
Is unnecessary.
Nobody suspects
Netanyahu of
Wanting to
Make peace.
God forbid! • More...