This Week's Message

The incidents
In the North
Smell strongly
Of the
Election campaign.

This playing
With fire
Must stop
Immediately! • More...

"By mistake"
Who took the decision
Which led to
The killing “by mistake”
Of an Iranian general?

How many more
Such decisions
Will be taken
In the two
Coming months
Until the elections? • More...

Angela vs Bibi
Angela Merkel
Stated at an
Anti-racist rally:
“Islam is part of

Netanyahu would
Never reach out
To every fifth Israeli
Who is - a Muslim. • More...

Netanyahu takes and Netanyahu gives
Netanyahu has confiscated
Hundreds of millions Shekels
Which belong
To the Palestinians.

Netanyahu has given
Seventy million Shekels
To extend
Beit El settlement.

So who needs Feiglin? • More...

Pyrrhic victory at the UN
“A victory for Israel!”
Said gleeful politicians
Who usually don’t care
About UN decisions.

If the Palestinians
Become convinced that
There is no diplomatic way
To end the occupation -
It will... • More...

Two sides of same coin
The shocking poverty
Among Israelis
And even worse
Among the Palestinians
Are two sides
Of the same coin.

Without peace
We all go down
In misery! • More...

Netanyahu demands
An American veto
On a timetable for
Ending the occupation.

The next government
Should set such
A timetable
On its own initiative. • More...

Ending the occupation, or...
The State of Palestine
Is gaining recognition.

A Palestinian minister
Is killed in a demonstration.

The choice in this election:
Ending the occupation -
Or international isolation
And eternal war. • More...

If all the
Centrist and Leftist
Will run together –

They will achieve
The change! • More...

Instead of
Dealing with
The economy, health,
Education and welfare –

Our ministers
Are busy
With producing
Racist laws. • More...

Terror attacks breed
More oppression.

More oppression breeds
More terror attacks.

Only peace
Will break the
Vicious circle. • More...

If we don’t wait
Peace is the foundation
Of our survival.

Mahmoud Abbas
Is our partner
For peace.

If we don’t wait
Too long. • More...

In East Jerusalem,
The municipality
Imposes fines
And demolishes houses;
The government approves
Settlement construction;
The police uses
Force and more force.

They all seem to believe
That... • More...

Anti-Supreme Court law.
Segregated buses.
Massive settlement construction.
Police violence in Jerusalem.
Confrontation with the US.

Netanyahu did it all
In just one week. • More...

Until when?
They kill
Our children.

We kill
Their children.

Until when? • More...

Writing on the Wall
The British Parliament,
And also President a-Sisi,
Netanyahu’s loyal partner.

The writing on the wall
Steadily increases:
The occupation
Can’t go on! • More...

Coexist peacefully
“The conflict
Between Israel and Palestine
Can only be resolved
By a two-state solution.

It requires a will to
Coexist peacefully.”

This was said by the
Prime Minister of Sweden -
Not of Israel. • More...

A government
Which sends
Settlers and police
In the middle
Of the night
To take over
Palestinian homes
In East Jerusalem
Will not find
Peace, even
In Saudi Arabia. • More...

New year, new leaf?
In the Cairo talks
It is possible
To turn over
A new leaf:

End the siege.
Start building
The Port of Gaza.

Remove the threat of
A new round of fighting.

Open a window of hope
For Gaza and
The... • More...

A government which
Happily avoids
Any chance for peace
Has no choice but
Inflating military budgets
To a level which
The Israeli society
Cannot sustain! • More...

Palestinians demonstrating
In East Jerusalem
Are not
A police problem.

Detentions at night
And brutal oppression
Will not stop
An independence struggle.

East Jerusalem is
An... • More...

New Horizon
A week after
The Gaza ceasefire:
Prelude to
The next war.

A massive land robbery
For settlement construction -
That is the horizon
To which
Netanyahu is looking. • More...

At Long Last
After a lot of bloodshed,
Netanyahu at long last
Wriggled out of
A useless war
Which he should never
Have started
To begin with. • More...

“When Gazans
Are suffocating,
We in Israel
Cannot breathe freely!”

So said
David Grossman
At a rally
Last week.

How true! • More...


AGREEMENT! • More...

Gaza Port
In 2005 Israel
Agreed to start work
On constructing
The Port of Gaza.

Security in the port
Was to be defined
By Israel, the US and
The Palestinian Authority.

Now it is time
To implement
That... • More...

The only way to
“Manage the conflict”
Is to solve it.

The partners for war,
Should also become
Partners for peace. • More...

No more pressure cooker
What to do when
The bloodshed is over?

To continue the siege
Until an even
More terrible war?

Only a flourishing Gaza,
Part of sovereign Palestine,
Can provide us with
A quiet border. • More...

New hope for the future
It is not enough
To reach a cease-fire
And keep intact
An intolerable situation -

The siege of Gaza
Must be lifted
And Inhabitants of Gaza
Must get free access
To the outside world
And a new hope... • More...

Another round
Those who refused
To accept Hamas
In a Palestinian government
Negotiating with Israel -

Get Hamas
In another
Futile and useless
Round of war. • More...