This Week's Message

The Um El Fahm paradox
The demonstrators in
Um El Fahm
Were protesting
Police ineffectiveness
In confronting the
Rising crime wave
In Israel's Arab towns.

But, the police proved
Quite capable of
A vigorous use of force... • More...

Why so harsh?
"Gaza should get
No vaccines
And no humanitarian aid.
I don’t care if
Hundreds of people in Gaza
Will die of the coronavirus."

So declared
Knesset Member Ayelet Shaked.
Why so harsh?
Well, the... • More...

The vaccine paradox
The Palestinians want to send
A thousand vaccinations to Gaza
Just one thousand, but
The Israeli authorities
Take their time about
Giving permission.

It was the Israeli employers who
Came with... • More...

And don't you dare protest!
What is there
To be surprised about
That Israel faces
Prosecution at the Hague?

It is not about
Legitimate self-defence.
It's about saying
"We are the bosses here
And don't you dare protest!
A... • More...

Speaking the demoted language
Arabic is no longer
An official language
In the State of Israel,
Due to the Nation State Law.

But, surprise, surprise!
Unable to reign in
The Haredi lock-down breakers -
Fearing that vaccine... • More...

They all have families to support
Fuad Sabti Jouda, 48 years old
From the village of Iraq at-Tayeh
Did not get a permit
To work in Israel.

To support his four children,
He, like thousands of others.
Crossed every morning
A breach... • More...

Starting point
Four years ago,
The UN Security Council
Resolved that Israeli settlements
In the Occupied Territories
Constitute a flagrant violation
Of International Law
And called on Israel to cease
All... • More...

Holding on to power
Netanyahu uses
Every machination and trick
To cancel his trial
Or at least obstruct it.

He is simply determined
To hold on to power.

Would he also do what
Trump and his supporters did?
If all... • More...

The army is too busy
The "Hilltop Youth" settlers
Are rampaging, attacking
Any Arab they meet.

The army has no time to stop them,
Too busy demolishing Palestinian homes,
Confiscating generators from
People who are... • More...

Inocculation and the vote
Minister Ohana, a Netanyahu groopie,
Instructed Israel's Prison Authority
"For the time being" not to inoculate
Palestinian prisoners.

Prisoners in their cells
Cannot keep social distance
And 140... • More...

The next step
It is Netanyahu's hour
To at long last be
Removed from power.

But to replace him with
Gideon Sa'ar, Mr "Likud clean" -
No less supporting occupation
And settlement... Why?

In the coming... • More...

Autocratic governments
Trump appointed judges
And expected them
To help him
Stay in power.

But at the
Moment of truth
The judges chose for
Judicial integrity.

Judges and public officials
Who keep their independence
Of... • More...

Peace according to Netanyahu
Israeli soldiers
Shoot to death
A 13-year old Palestinian,
The army declaring
It was within army regulations,
And in the sky above
Thousands of Israelis
Are flying to a holiday in Dubai.
Peace... • More...

He died of old age
Professor Mohsen Fakhrizadeh
Was a senior
Iranian scientist,
Nicknamed "Father of
The Iranian Nuclear Program".
He was killed by
Mysterious assassins
Who ambushed his car.

Many years before him... • More...

Mordechai Vanunu and Jonathan Pollard
Mordechai Vanunu
And Jonathan Pollard
Were both arrested in 1986.
Both were denounced
As "traitors". Both served
Many years. On both,
Severe restrictions
Were imposed, even after
Release from... • More...

To be dethroned
Bibi considers himself King
As does his soul mate, still
Sitting in The White House,
Their children the inheritors.

The American voters decided
King Trump is to be dethroned,
Inspiring Israelis... • More...

You can overcome the forces of disruption
"On this very special day,
I want to thank
Our brothers and sisters
In America.
I want to thank them
For showing us that
You can defend democracy
And overcome
The forces of disruption.
To thank... • More...

Whose country is it?
The fundamental
Political issue
In Israel is:
Whose country is it?
Does it belong
To everybody
Regardless of
Race, religion or gender?
Or does it belong
Only to the Jews?

The fundamental... • More...

What is it worth?
The paper which reports
"A historic peace with Sudan"
Happens to also carry news
Of occupation soldiers
Beating to death
An 18 years old Palestinian.

So, Netanyahu's peace,
What is it worth?
Is... • More...

He didn't get it yet
All over the country,
There is a steady increase
In the number of demonstrators
Calling for Netanyahu's resignation.
(At the same time, an increase
In the level of violence
By the PM's dwindling... • More...

As simple as that
Tens and even hundreds of thousands
Take to the streets every week
To demand Netanyahu's resignation.
"Leftists" they are called.
Paradoxically, they could help bring to power
Naftali Bennett... • More...

All dispersed by force, but...
Young people in Tel Aviv
Demonstrated against Netanyahu.
The police dispersed them by force.
The Israeli media reported extensively.

Ultra-Orthodox in Bney Brak
Insisted on keeping synagogues... • More...

Towards equal lack of rights
Netanyahu's dream is
To impose a prohibition
On the demonstrations
Of his political opponents.

By doing so he leads
Israel's citizens towards
The situation in which
The Palestinians live
Since... • More...

No confidence
With devastating statistics
Netanyahu is nevertheless
Unable to convince the public
Of the need for a lockdown,
Nor could he arouse
Significant enthusiasm
For his "peace"
With the Emirates.

And... • More...

It was true then, as it is now
Exactly a hundred years ago
Haim Weitzman,
Future President of Israel,
Signed an agreement
Which seemed promising
With Emir Feisal,
Later King of Iraq.

What did it bring?
Bloody riots which soon... • More...

Recognition now!
After a harsh war
Kosovo declared independence,
For years making efforts
To gain recognition.

Until now, Israel refrained
From recognizing Kosovo
For fear of creating a precedent
For recognition... • More...

Temporary relief
Ceasefire is good news
To Israeli farmers
Whose fields will not burn
And to Gaza fishermen
Who will go out to sea
Israeli planes will no longer
Take off on bombing missions
And Gazan homes will... • More...

What peace?
“All week I hear talk of
'Peace in return for peace'
But I can't really understand
What this is all about.
Here we have a war,
Missiles are falling,
Our residents live in basic insecurity”,
Said... • More...

Ask the farmers
Will direct flights
To Abu Dhabi
Bring us peace and quiet?

Ask the farmers
On the Gaza border
Whose fields are burning
And the parents of
Soldiers killed during
Raids of West Bank villages.

The... • More...

What few Israelis heard about
In a late night hour
The IDF conducted
"A routine operation"
In the city of Jenin
On the West Bank.

The soldiers' invasion
Encountered resistance
By the people of the city.
The IDF Spokesman... • More...