This Week's Message

If Israel had
A peace-seeking government,
It would have recognized
The State of Palestine
At its own initiative -

Without waiting
For France. • More...

What's next?
A vocal witch-hunt
Ended in naught.
The three activists
Were set free.

But all who oppose
The occupation
Remain under attack.

Next on the agenda:
The "Associations Law". • More...

Opposition to what?
The EU resolved:
"Agreements with Israel
Do not apply
To the territories
Occupied in 1967"

Netanyahu protested.
So did Herzog.

Herzog cannot be
Chief of the Opposition. • More...

Occupation refuser
Tair Kaminer, 19,
Said what many
Fail to understand:

“There is no security
Under occupation!"

She is now
In military prison
For refusing to serve
The occupation. • More...

As promised
Who says that
Does not
Keep his promises?

He indeed
Solemnly promised
That we will
Live forever
By the sword! • More...

And who gets stigmatized?
In a country which
Gets annual billions
From a foreign government,

Where settlers are financed
By anonymous donors,

And a casino tycoon publishes
A paper for the Prime Minister -

Human Rights... • More...

There was a warning
In 1967,
Yeshayahu Leibovitz
If the occupation
Lasts long,
Repression would
Turn not only
Against Arabs.

In 2015,
Even detainees of
The extreme right
Experience this
The hard way. • More...

Breaking the silence
Was the purpose of
Reservists criticizing
The role they had
In the occupation army.

The panic reaction
By government ministers
Proves their success. • More...

15 months, for what?
An Israeli
Military court
Sentenced Khalida Jarrar,
A member of the
Palestinian Parliament,
To 15 months in prison
For representing her voters
And expressing her
Political opinions. • More...

Solely for the protocol
Netanyahu clarified:
The handshake
With Abu Mazen
Was “solely
For the protocol”.

The clarification
Is unnecessary.
Nobody suspects
Netanyahu of
Wanting to
Make peace.
God forbid! • More...

Is that Civilization?
“This is
The struggle
Of Civilization
Against Barbarism!”
Declared Netanyahu.

When a country
Occupies and oppresses
Millions of people
Over 48 years,
Is that Civilization?
Or rather Barbarism? • More...

Pouring oil on the flames of hatred
Outlawing the
Islamic movement
While pampering
Extremist settlers
By plentiful budgets
Is pouring oil
On the flames
Of hatred • More...

Oops, wrong text
Netanyahu in
The White House:
“We will live forever
By the sword…
Oops, wrong text.
I am committed
To the vision of peace
Based on two states.” • More...

The simple truth
“There is
No security
In this country!”
Cried demonstrators
In Rishon Letzion
After the stabbings.

Indeed. No security
When millions
Lose all hope
To get rid
Of the occupation. • More...

Only one
Who believes that
We shall always enjoy
Absolute superiority
Can calmly consider
(Like Netanyahu)
Living forever
By the sword.

Rabin had
More understanding. • More...

Not by walls
Not by walls
Not by fences
Not by concrete blocks.

Between West Jerusalem,
Capital of Israel,
And East Jerusalem,
Capital of Palestine,
There must be
A border of peace. • More...

Not terrible?
For years
The “experts” said:
"Not having peace
Is not terrible.
It is possible
To manage
The conflict."

They were wrong.
It IS terrible. • More...

What is An Intifada?
What is
An Intifada?

An uprising
Against foreign rule
To achieve

For example:
The Jewish uprising
Against the
British Mandate. • More...

What we all know
Abu Mazen
Has said what
We all know:

The status quo
Is dead.
The conflict cannot
Be “managed”.

If we don’t
End the occupation,
We will descend
Into chaos. • More...

It doesn't bring calm
“Answer stones
With bullets!”
Cries the PM

“Already 19 Palestinians
Were killed this year.
Lethal shooting
Does not bring calm”.
Said the Chief of Staff. • More...

So spoke the captain
"No reason
To worry!
We are
An island
Of stability!”

So said
The Captain
Of the Titanic
To his passengers
In a new year's greeting. • More...

The sad truth:
The Germans

Learned something.

We didn't. • More...

To fire a teacher
The Mayor
Of Ramat Gan
Wants to fire
A teacher
Who demonstrated
Against the occupation.

Already in 1950
The Supreme Court
Forbade the firing
Of teachers
For their opinions.

Then, it was about
A... • More...

In the Negev,
The Jewish settlement
Is due to
Destroy and replace
The Bedouin

Hundreds of millions
For “Hasbara”
Will not be enough
When we do
Our own... • More...

Muhammad Alan
Has endangered his life
In order to expose
The injustice called
Administrative detention.

Thank you! • More...

The asylum seekers
Are the Jews
Of today.

Are we
The modern
Anti-Semites? • More...

The Chiefs
Shin Beth
Resign. • More...

Until the Messiah comes ...
Jews wishing
To pray
In Jerusalem
Have a big plaza
At the Wailing Wall.

That should be
Quite enough
Until the coming
Of the Messiah. • More...

Who would notice
The destruction of
A tiny village
In the
South Hebron Hills?

The government
Got a surprise:
The name of Susiya
Is now known
All over the world! • More...

...and for the world
Israel! • More...