This Week's Message

...but annexation is more important
For weeks on end
Netanyahu repeated
A dramatic call
To form immediately
A National Emergency Government
To fight the Coronavirus

Now it turns out
That what he actually wants
Is to create
An... • More...

The same day
The Palestinian shepherds
In the Jordan Valley
Don't have much
Against the Coronavirus.

But they did erect two tents,
To serve as a clinic
And some more
To isolate those who
Might fall ill... • More...

Against the Coronavirus
We will sooner or later
Become immune.
But the Corona coup
And the contempt
For the remains
Of democratic norms
May turn all of Israel
Into occupied territory. • More...

Chinese and Italians, Jews and Arabs
For the Coronavirus
We are all equal:
Chinese and Italians,
Jews and Arabs.

The Prime Minister demands
That the Emergency Government
Will not include Arabs,

It would not be
An Emergency... • More...

Mathematics & Democracy
Basics of mathematics:
62 is bigger than 58.

Basics of democracy:
All citizens are equal.
All Knesset Members are equal.
All of them, regardless of
Religion and ethnicity
Are entitled to take... • More...

Together saving the future of us all
Half of Israel's citizens
Have decided
That a nationalist and racist demagogue
Facing three serious criminal charges
Is the right person
To lead this country.

But – the other half
Do not want... • More...

A meagre hope
What can we hope for
From the elections
Next week?

An end to the
Rule of Netanyahu.
No Annexations.
No further damage to
The judicial system.

And perhaps,
We can even hope for
A government that... • More...

Dark times
Compiling a list of companies
Implicated in the violation
Of International Law
Is not antisemitism.

Trying to get away with
Violating International Law -
That is what is
"Reminiscent of dark times." • More...

At the village of Qaddum
An Israeli soldier shot
To the head of
A 14-year old boy.

Doctors extracted a bullet
From deep in the boy's brain..
He is in Intensive Care, unknown
If and when he will... • More...

The Prime Minister
Is not going to get Immunity,

Trump does not approve
Instant annexations.

Naama Issachar is already
Back from Russia.

Are there rabbits left
In Netanyahu's hat? • More...

A bridge too far
Will the Trump Plan
Bring peace with the Palestinians?
Of course not.

Will it bring peace
Between Netanyahu and Ganz?
Also that not.

Will it give Netanyahu
A green light to
Forget about peace... • More...

This week, Russian
President Putin
Comes visiting.

The Defence Minister
Instructed the army
To start persecuting
Political activists.

All that
To make a guest
Feel at home? • More...

In Iran, citizens
Went out
On the sreets,
Their government
Lied to them
For three days.

In Israel
The lies
Can go on
For ever. • More...

War with Iran
Is it really
Good for Israel
If Trump
Drags the US
Into war
With Iran? • More...

Rather a stumbling block
Netanyahu's immunity
A cornerstone
Of Israeli democracy?

Is it not rather
An enormous
Stumbling block? • More...

Who is the judge?
Secretary Pompeo:
Settlements are legal.

The International Prosecutor:
Settlements are
A war crime.

Who will decide?
There are judges
In the Hague. • More...

The issues defining the future
Will this
Third elections campaign
Deal with
Peace and Territories,
Settlements and Palestinians?

Most likely not.
Politicians will again take care
Not to touch the issues
Which will define the... • More...

The lesser evil
Netanyahu wanted to form
A government which would
Annex the Jordan Valley

Compared with such
A fatal blow to
Any possibility of
Israeli-Palestinian peace,
Going to new elections
Would be the... • More...

Desperate gambles
A 16-year old shot to death
On the Gaza border.
A 18-year old shot to death
Near to Hebron.
In between, many houses
Destroyed in East Jerusalem.

Did all that help
To make Israel more safe?... • More...

Too busy
Trump is offering
Unlimited support
For an aggressive policy
Of settlements and annexations.

But Netanyahu is too busy,
Devoting his energy
To a bitter struggle
For personal survival.

A blessing... • More...

The basics of democracy
All citizens,
Regardless of
Religion or ethnicity,
Go to the polls and
Elect their representatives.

All elected
Knesset Members
Take part in all
Political processes
Including the formation
Of a... • More...

The Iranian paradox
A country which
Secretly produces
Nuclear arms
Is committing
A grave dangerous act.

Netanyahu vowed
To absolutely
Not let Iran
Do that.

How will he
Prevent them?
Will he use
The nuclear arms... • More...

Neither one without the other
The inhabitants of
Southern Israel
Want to be free of
The threat of missiles
Shot from the Gaza Strip,
And to live a normal life.

The inhabitants of
The Gaza Strip
Want to be free of
The blockade... • More...

Sad anniversary
The State of Israel
Celebrated the
Twenty Fifth Anniversary
Of the peace with Jordan
By placing a Jordanian citizen
In detention without trial.

Due to a prolonged
Hunger strike
She was taken
To... • More...

Why not?
The Yitzhar settlers claim
To be "religious".
That did not stop them
From beating with crowbars
An 80-year old Rabbi,
Who helped Palestinians
Harvesting their olives.

The Yitzhar settlers
Are... • More...

Release them!
We all feel very sorry for
Naama Issachar,
Israeli girl on her way home,
Jailed in Russia
On a flimsy pretext
Of 9 grams of cannabis.

But who even heard of
Hiba al Labadi
Jordanian girl jailed in... • More...

Gevalt, the Arab vote...
Gevalt, Gideon Saar...
Gevalt, Iran, Iran, Iran!
But most alarming of all:
Me, the Prime Minister,
Going to prison?
Gevaaaaaaaalt! • More...

After two days of
Shabak interrogation
The suspect Samer Arabid
Was rushed to an
Intensive care ward.

Not much chance for
A serious investigation:
The Israeli media
Already judged him,
Calling... • More...

After intensive discussion,
Most representatives of
Israel's Arab citizens
Opted to recommend
Benny Ganz as
The next Prime Minister.

Benny Ganz still has
To prove himself worthy
Of this confidence. • More...

Worse than all that
Worse than Netanyahu's
Blunt racist campaign,
And his promise of annexations
Putting a definite end
To the last spark of hope of
Peace with the Palestinians;
And worse than the criminal charges... • More...