This Week's Message

Who would notice
The destruction of
A tiny village
In the
South Hebron Hills?

The government
Got a surprise:
The name of Susiya
Is now known
All over the world! • More...

...and for the world
Israel! • More...

An American poll
An American poll
Indicates sharp criticism
Of Israel
Among supporters of
The Democratic Party.

Losing bipartisan support
Is one more
Netanyahu achievement. • More...

Gloomy situation
Oppression continues
Settlements are growing
No sign of a change

Without belonging
To any organization
Palestinians take up
Stones, knives and pistols -
Whatever they have

The government of... • More...

Logic and morals
Is the UN Council
For Human Rights
An objective body?
Perhaps not.

Does that mean that
Israel can shrug off
Responsibility for
The death of
1462 civilians?
Absolutely not. • More...

Civil courage
Dr. Leonid Eidelman,
Head of the
Israel Medical Association
Deserves a commendation
For civil courage:

Standing up for
Human rights
And medical ethics
Against torture. • More...

Israel 2015
Finds its
Culture heroes
In the casino.

A conscientious actor,
Refusing to perform
In Occupied Territory,
Will be punished. • More...

It's the occupation, stupid
“The boycott is
A strategic threat
For Israel!”
Say the country’s
Decision makers.

The occupation is
48 years old today.
It is the occupation
Which feeds
The strategic threat. • More...

Not yet
With an economy
Besieged and suffocated,
And 60% unemployment
Among young Gazans,
A new outbreak
Is inevitable.

The Fourth
Gaza War
Has not started.
Yet . • More...

Israel’s exclusion from international soccer.
If he
Doesn’t want
A Palestinian state
On his watch -
He will
Have to deal
With the threat
Of Israel’s exclusion
From international soccer. • More...

Destruction rubber-stamped
The first plan of
The new government:
To destroy and raze
Two villages:
Hiran in the Negev
And Susya
In the West Bank.

The Supreme Court
Gave its
Rubber stamp! • More...

Totally crazy
The appointment of
Ayelet Shaked
As Minister of Justice
Is like appointing
A confirmed pyromaniac
To command
The fire brigade. • More...

From Nepal to Gaza
The Rescue Mission
Which Israel
Sent to Nepal
Is beneficial and good.

Destroyed Gaza
Still waits
For rebuilding -
And that was not
An earthquake. • More...

Good for us too
Nothing better
For Israel's security
Than a Palestinian
Independence Day. • More...

Don't be fooled
A "Unity
A Right-wing
In Disguise. • More...

Two days after
Two days after the
Inauguration of
The new Knesset,
The occupation authorities
Detention without trial
On a member of
The Palestinian Parliament.

In its 67th year,
Israeli democracy
Is... • More...

Not forever
The real conclusion
About Iran:

Israel can't
Rely forever
On a monopoly
Of military force.

Making peace is
Not doing a favor
To somebody.
It is existential
For us! • More...

In real life
Before the elections:
"On my watch, there will be
No Palestinian state!"

After the elections:
"In theory,
I am all in favor of it!"

In real life,
The occupation
will continue. • More...

It has just begun
After these elections
There will be
No peace-minded government.

After these elections
There can be
A strong
Peace-minded opposition
Of Jews and Arabs.

The struggle
Has just begun. • More...

Another term
Of Netanyahu
Could cause
A disaster.

Those who don’t
Go to vote
Will share in
The responsibility. • More...

Insult to the intelligence
Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosy:
“Netanyahu’s speech is
An insult to the intelligence
Of the American people!”

“The reactions I got
From Democrats
And Republicans
Were very encouraging.”... • More...

Remove the beam in your eye
In his Congress speech
Netanyahu will
Speak extensively
Of the nuclear piles
In Iran,
But not say a word about
The nuclear capacity
Of Israel.

Even so, foreign media
Are full of reports
About... • More...

If that was all...
The excessive expenses
On food
At the PM’s residence
Is the least
Of the damage
We shall suffer
From another term
Of Netanyahu. • More...

The writing is On the wall
Netanyahu goes
To Washington
To close doors.

In Sweden,
Abu Mazen
Is opening
The Palestinian Embassy.

For those who
Care to look,
The writing is
On the wall. • More...

Setting priorities
Netanyahu must go –
To stop the occupation
To stop lethal adventures
To stop Israel's isolation
And to end the
Anti-social economic policies.

All of this is
Far more important
Than empty bottles. • More...

The incidents
In the North
Smell strongly
Of the
Election campaign.

This playing
With fire
Must stop
Immediately! • More...

"By mistake"
Who took the decision
Which led to
The killing “by mistake”
Of an Iranian general?

How many more
Such decisions
Will be taken
In the two
Coming months
Until the elections? • More...

Angela vs Bibi
Angela Merkel
Stated at an
Anti-racist rally:
“Islam is part of

Netanyahu would
Never reach out
To every fifth Israeli
Who is - a Muslim. • More...

Netanyahu takes and Netanyahu gives
Netanyahu has confiscated
Hundreds of millions Shekels
Which belong
To the Palestinians.

Netanyahu has given
Seventy million Shekels
To extend
Beit El settlement.

So who needs Feiglin? • More...

Pyrrhic victory at the UN
“A victory for Israel!”
Said gleeful politicians
Who usually don’t care
About UN decisions.

If the Palestinians
Become convinced that
There is no diplomatic way
To end the occupation -
It will... • More...