This Week's Message 

Who wants animal scarifice and human bloodshed?

In the ancient world Sacrifices were A major part of Religious ceremonies.

Believers were expected To have an Uplifting religious experience At the sight of the Sacrificed and butchered animals.

After the destruction of The Temple in Jerusalem, Judaism introduced public prayers As an alternative To making sacrifices. Christianity and Islam Followed suit.

Nowadays, places of worship Are no longer slaughterhouses. Judaism deserves to be Commended and praised For that contribution To human culture.

In our times, A group of fanatical And brutal provocateurs Are attempting to Turn back the clock 2000 years and Celebrate Passover By slaughtering Innocent young goats And doing so At one of the Most holy sites In Islam.

They have been successful: The most sensitive location In the Middle East Is now engulfed In the flames of Escalating violence.

It is the responsibility of The Government of Israel To make it clear: Indeed, the Jewish Temple Once upon a time Stood at that site. For the last 1,300 years It has been Solely a Muslim Place of worship.

That is How it was And that is How it will remain, Unless we want To be dragged into A terrible religious war.

The Jews who wish To pray Have nearby The Western Wall Plaza With plenty of space For tens of thousands Of worshipers.

Those who long For the Temple Must wait for The coming of The messiah.

According to Jewish tenets, He is going to arrive Any day now. So please - Remain patient!