This Week's Message 

Is this Apartheid?

President Herzog:

"Comparing the State of Israel

To South African apartheid

Is not legitimate criticism.

It is a blood libel! Antisemitism!"

New-Old Prime Minister Netanyahu:

"We are not occupiers

In Judea and Samaria.

It is the Land of our Fathers.

A people cannot be an occupier

In its own country!".

A small sample of the situation

In the Land of our Fathers

Where there is no apartheid:

In the Knesset elections

Two months ago

A polling station was

Set up in the city of Hebron

Under Israeli military rule.

Who voted at that polling station?

About a thousand Israeli settlers

Living in a fortified enclave

In the heart of Hebron.

All of them voted for

racist, extremist nationalist parties.

Who did not have the right to vote

At the polling station in Hebron?

About two hundred thousand

Palestinian residents of Hebron

Who live under a harsh

Israeli military rule.

Isn't this reminiscent

Of the elections

For whites only

Which used to be held

In South Africa?

Do these settlers behave

Like they are living

In their own country?

Or do they act in Hebron

Like foreign occupiers?

The International Court

In the Hague

Will provide

Some answers that

Herzog and Netanyahu

Might not like.