Alerts and Reports

Stop the killing and destruction! Cease the fire, lift the siege, move towards peace! - Thursday 17/07/14
Stop shooting! No more revenge, no more violence, hatred, missiles and bombing! - Thursday 10/07/14
At this tragic moment - Tuesday 01/07/14
Demo: Collective punishment will not bring back the abducted boys! - Friday 20/06/14
The Palestinian Unity Government is a partner for Peace - Tuesday 03/06/14
Supreme Court deliberation on "Boycott Law" - Friday 13/02/14
Suicidal government - Tuesday 30/12/13
Will Israel exist in 90 years from now?--Full documentation with English subtitles - Thursday 24/10/13
Open letter to EU Foreign Ministers - Thursday 05/09/13
Negotiations stand or fall with the 1967 borders issue - Saturday 20/07/13
A bucket of cold water - Tuesday 16/07/13
Settler radio limited - Saturday 08/06/13
Noa, Jerusalem Day and a life of hatred inside a bunker - Tuesday 14/05/13
Peace seekers don't sing on "Jerusalem Day" - Tuesday 07/05/13
Yair Lapid brought us an extreme right, settler-dominated government - Tuesday 18/03/13
In support of recognition of Palestine - Wednesday 27/11/12
Gush Shalom on Facebook - Monday 25/11/12
The days of brutal warfare came to an end - Wednesday 20/11/12
Avnery: The correct name for this war is "Operation Short Memory" - Thursday 14/11/12
Gush Shalom joins the call for anti-war protests - Wednesday 13/11/12
Let the Estelle pass - Friday 18/10/12
Stop the war against Iran - DEMONSTRATION - Thursday 23/08/12
From judge to shyster - Monday 09/07/12
45 years: time to free ourselves from the occupation - Friday 08/06/12
Abolish "Jerusalem Day", the holiday of the settlers and racists - Sunday 20/05/12
One danger was averted... - Tuesday 15/05/12
The aggressive conduct at the airport exhibits to the entire world the image of Israel as a police state - Sunday 15/04/12
Mr. Minister, greet them with flowers! - Thursday 12/04/12
Israel will not attack - Sunday 10/03/12
Unenthusiastic defense of boycott law by reluctant Knesset legal advisor - Saturday 20/01/12