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Demonstrate near the Gaza border: “Stop the escalation - rebuild Gaza !!!”

Other Voice invites you to stand with us: Put out the Fire – Rebuild Gaza!!

Friday, 18th May, 2018, 12:00 – 14:00

Yad Mordechai Junction

For the last year, Other Voice from Sderot and communities in the surrounding Gaza region has held quiet demonstrations at the Yad Mordechai junction. Our aim is to draw attention to the unbearable conditions in the Gaza Strip and to the deep despair of its residents.

For over a decade, we have called upon our government to stop the bloodshed, to enter into negotiations with the Hamas, to end the blockade and to develop a long-term program for the rehabilitation and rebuilding of the Gazan economy. Such a move can make it possible for our neighbors, and for us, to have hope, personal safety and dignity.

The killing of over one hundred Gazans and the harming of thousands of demonstrators, who came to protest near the border, alongside the protestors’ burning of fields in kibbutzim and mosahvim in the surrounding region have, yet again, brought the area to a dangerous boiling point.

We will be demonstrating this Friday at the junction.

Hundreds of people from a number of organizations will join us:

Combatants for Peace, Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families for Peace, Standing Together, Breaking the Silence, Meretz, Gush Shalom, The Democratic Camp, and others.

Come stand with us!

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For additional details, please contact: Eric Yellin – 054-4689001 or

Nomika Zion - 0547689181

In recent days, violence at the fence with Gaza has reached new heights. Dozens of Palestinians have been killed and thousands more have been injured. Rather than working towards a solution to the worsening situation, the Israeli government instead chooses violence and continues to intensify the siege.

Members of Other Voice will join at Yad-Mordechai Junction this Friday, May 18 from 12 to 2 pm, together with Breaking The Silence, The Parents Circle, Meretz, Combatants for Peace, Standing Together, and more.

Together we will call:

  • Stop the shooting of unarmed protesters
  • End the siege of the Gaza Strip
  • Promote Israeli-Palestinian peace which will provide civilians from both sides of the fence with hope, security, and dignity.

To sign up for buses from Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, and Beer Sheva:

Emergency demonstration: Stop the fire - we want to live here!

Tuesday, 15.5 at 7:00 pm, opposite Likud Party Headqurters (Metzudat Ze'ev) at 38 King George Street, Tel Aviv.

When Netanyahu and Trump play with fire, the fire flares up - and kills. This is what is happening now in the Gaza Strip. The same might happen also in Jerusalem and throughout the country, if this dangerous lighting of matchs near the powder keg does not stop.

Instead of striving for Israeli-Palestinian peace, which is the only way to achieve a life of dignity and security for Israelis and Palestinians alike, the right-wing government prefers to drag us all into another round of violence and blood.

Instead of allowing them to continue with this reckless game , we must stand up and demand: Stop the fire, stop playing with the lives of the residents of this country, and make a complete change of direction. No more occupation, no more annexation and blockade! We demand Israeli-Palestinian peace!

Trump: moving the Embassy won't hide the occupation!

Today May 14th at 15:15 to 18:00‏‏‏, a demonstration is held against Trump's reckless and cynical act of moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem! Location: 13 Eliyahu Lankin St, Jerusalem, contact Maya +972-(0)58-7667463, initiated by ATL (All That's Left: Anti-Occupation Collective)

In parallel, American Jewish activists are holding a protest against the Embassy move in Washington D.C. initiated by IfNotNow

Jerusalem is the home of both Jews and Palestinians - and must be recognized as home to both peoples. Moving the embassy plays into the hands of right-wing extremists and the Israeli government’s attempts to erase Palestinian ties and claims to the city. This will only add bloodshed and entrench the occupation!

The takes place happen only 24 hours after Jerusalem Day, during which thousands of Israelis marched through Palestinian East Jerusalem and the Muslim Quarter of the Old City shouted racist and hateful slogans. It takes place as Israeli snipers on the Gaza border go on shooting and killing dozens of Palestinian demonstrators.

Instead of condemning these actions - the Trump administration has once again aligned itself with the most right-wing government in Israel’s history, and undermined the last shred of Palestinian trust in the U.S.

We cannot stay silent. Let’s stand together against with a message of hope and solidarity.

Join members of All That’s Left as we stand in solidarity with Palestinians and Israeli activists in protesting the embassy move and demanding a just end to the occupation!

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American Jews Risk Arrest against Trump's Embassy of Occupation Building #EmbassyOfFreedom‪

American Jews are demonstrating against Trump’s decision to move the embassy

IfNotNow on Twitter: "LIVESTREAM: Young Jews fighting against Trump's disastrous embassy move, and for freedom and dignity for all, march in Washington D.C. #EmbassyOfFreedom #WeWillBeTheGeneration…"

Peace Now campaign against Embassy move

Peace Now will hold a protest next Monday outside the dedication ceremony for the new United States Embassy in Jerusalem, complaining that the move was not made within the context of a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

The demonstration will be part of a public campaign warning that moving the embassy would harm Israeli security and chances for a peace process.

As part of the campaign, Peace Now sent letters to MKs in the Zionist Union urging them not to play into the hands of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump by attending the ceremony.

“This is a cynical and dangerous step that will not only not reinforce Israel’s sovereignty in Jerusalem, it could ignite conflict in the city,” Peace Now wrote in the letter.

“Under different circumstances, moving the embassy could be a day of celebration, but not if it is done this way, not now. Do not be extras in the messianic show of Netanyahu and Trump.”

Posters in the campaign and the demonstration will say “Not this way, not now.”

Likud MK Anat Berko responded to the campaign by saying that “there is no limit to the undermining by Peace Now.” The organization always chooses to go against the Israeli consensus, she said.

“Peace Now should demonstrate against Iran but apparently it won’t,” Berko said.

Likud MK Yoav Kisch said Peace Now has stooped very low if it cannot be happy about the strengthening of Israel and Jerusalem. He said it pained him to see how “disconnected and delusional” the organization had become.

Zionist Union MKs Ayelet Nahmias- Verbin and Nachman Shai have complained that Knesset members were not invited to the ceremony. A US Embassy spokeswoman said this was due to lack of space.

Solidarity demonstration near the Gaza border: “Stop the escalation - rebuild Gaza !!!”

Members of Kol Aher (Another Voice), an Israeli movement based in the town of Sderot and in smaller communities in the Gaza border area, held a demonstration Friday at the Yad Mordechai Junction, a short distance north of the border - where they have already held numerous demonstrations and protests on earlier occasions.

Demonstrators made upon the government of Israel the following calls: - Cease the shooting of unarmed demonstrators! - Lift the siege on the Gaza Strip! - No violence! Yes to aid in rebuilding Gaza !! - Form a political program, rather than cause further destruction !!

“For almost 11 years, Israeli society tacitly accepts the situation that two million Palestinians live on the verge of a humanitarian disaster, in its close vicinity... This has to do with the corruption of a society’s basic moral values, with dehumanization and the glorification of the sniper rifle. Under this government, it is not Palestinian society which loses its basic human values – it is the Israeli society. "

Zvi Bar'el, Ha'aretz, 11.4.18

Attached is the press release we published on the eve of the Passover holiday, at the beginning of the violent confrontations.

Stop the escalation immediately!

An urgent call upon the government of Israeli government from residents in the Gaza border area.

We, the members of Kol Acher, residents of Sderot and communities in the close vicinity of the Gaza Strip, call upon the Government of Israel and the IDF to stop the escalation and violent policy of shooting and killing civilians involved in demonstrations along the Gaza border.

The organizers of the Gaza demonstrations reiterate that theirs is a nonviolent struggle. In an interview before the first demonstration Sami Obeid, a veteran journalist from Gaza, said that he and his five children would march to the border because they had nothing to lose. Gaza is dying, and it does not matter if they die of starvation or gunfire by IDF soldiers. (...) The march is an act of despair and an attempt to draw the world's attention to the ongoing siege and inhuman suffering of Gaza residents besieged for years.

If the government of Israel really wants to protect its citizens who live near the border, it is best to finally formulate a clear policy on Gaza and invest these billions of taxpayers money in helping to rehabilitate Gaza, instead of further buttressing the walls around the world's largest prison.

Contact: Noamika Zion - +972-54-7689181; Arik Yellin +972-54-4689001