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The Second Battle of Trafalgar
A MIGHTY naval battle took place this week on the waves of the Mediterranean. It will go down in history as the...
Gloomy situation
Oppression continues
Settlements are growing
No sign of a change
Without belonging
To any organization

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Avnery: Also after harsh words, Abbas remains partner
September 29, 2014 - "President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) was and remains a partner for peace, the best partner...
Turning points in Uri Avnery's life
Turning points in Uri Avnery's life
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Avnery: Let the Flotilla through, open the Port of Gaza under international supervision

Former Knesset Member Uri Avnery, of Gush Shalom (The Israeli Peace Bloc), calls upon Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ya'alon to take a sober thought at the last moment and allow what had been called "The Swedish Flotilla" to reach the Port of Gaza. "Four small boats, loaded with...

Bil'in: demonstrating against the wall - and for the right of demonstrating
Women in Black - 48th year of occupation!
On the 48th year of the occupation,
Women in Black
will hold special protest vigils
On June​ 5​, 2015 ​​at 13:00
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Crazy Country
Adam Keller, blog

Occupiers democracy

Walking between the drops while it’s raining death in Gaza

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