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Archive of 20 years of articles written by Avnery and posted here
Since the Gush Shalom website was established, a new article by Uri Avnery appeared every week in this column. In...
Mordechai Vanunu and Jonathan Pollard
Mordechai Vanunu
And Jonathan Pollard
Were both arrested in 1986.
Both were denounced
As "traitors". Both served...

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Settlement products Wiki videos
Gush Shalom presents: Settlement Products Wiki
*Settlement Products Wiki - a systematic informational research about businesses in the settlements and their...
Remembering Uri Avnery
Remembering Uri Avnery
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The US released Pollard – Israel should release Mordechai Vanunu!

Gush Shalom, the Israeli Peace Bloc, calls upon the Government of Israel to emulate the United States, which removed the limitation placed upon Jonathan Pollard, and remove the limitations which it itself placed on Mordecahi Vanunu.
Jonathan Pollard and Mordecahi Vanunu were both arrested in...

Bil'in: demonstrating against the wall - and for the right of demonstrating
Army and police collude with settler incursions
Ta'aysh report: This week – November 15-22, 2020 – in the Occupied Territories.
Cases of explicit cooperation of...
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This week: Ruling the air and women’s empowerment
In February this year, an Iranian drone flew into Israel's airspace and was shot down after a few minutes. A week...
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