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Archive of 20 years of articles written by Avnery and posted here
Since the Gush Shalom website was established, a new article by Uri Avnery appeared every week in this column. In...
...but annexation is more important
For weeks on end
Netanyahu repeated
A dramatic call
To form immediately
A National Emergency Government
To fight the...

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Settlement products Wiki videos
Gush Shalom presents: Settlement Products Wiki
*Settlement Products Wiki - a systematic informational research about businesses in the settlements and their...
Remembering Uri Avnery
Remembering Uri Avnery
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Settler violence escalating behind the Coronavirus smokescreen

This week – March 22-28, 2020 – in the Occupied Territories: Steep escalation throughout: Jewish settler-colonists from outposts and
colonies in the South Hebron Hills, Palestinian Jordan Valley and the West
Bank hill ranges have been attacking Palestinian shepherds, farmers and

Bil'in: demonstrating against the wall - and for the right of demonstrating
Israelis, Palestinians and COVID-19 - March 2020 assessment from the Geneva Initiative
Why did COVID-19 raise the The Two-State Index?
From Two-State Index

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This week: Ruling the air and women’s empowerment
In February this year, an Iranian drone flew into Israel's airspace and was shot down after a few minutes. A week...
Truth against Truth - English [NB: updated version]