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Archive of 20 years of articles written by Avnery and posted here
Since the Gush Shalom website was established, a new article by Uri Avnery appeared every week in this column. In...
UCLA: 2,100 anti-war protestors arrested. Zero counter-protestors.
National Campaign for Justice
Earlier this week, violence erupted on the campus of UCLA when pro-Israel...

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Settlement products Wiki videos
Gush Shalom presents: Settlement Products Wiki
*Settlement Products Wiki - a systematic informational research about businesses in the settlements and their...
Remembering Uri Avnery
Remembering Uri Avnery
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Tens of Thousands Call for a Ceasefire/Hostage Release Deal

At least, the public atmosphere in Israel has greatly changed in the past six months. In the direct aftermath of October 7, the Israeli public - shocked by terrible deeds committed by Hamas during their one-day incursion into southern Israel - was crying out for revenge. The army's bloody and...

Bil'in: demonstrating against the wall - and for the right of demonstrating
Investigate the Gaza Mass Graves!
During more than half a year of Israel's war in Gaza, we again and again heard of terrible atrocities. Most of them...
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Fears of a Gaza Quagmire: Is Israel in Another Long War of Attrition?
The political and military echelons fantasize about a long war without any plans to end it, ignore the hostages, and...