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Archive of 20 years of articles written by Avnery and posted here
Since the Gush Shalom website was established, a new article by Uri Avnery appeared every week in this column. In...
Where Netanyahu and Ganz agree
"We have the right
To bomb Syria
Whenever we want.
"We don't tolerate
Any violation of our
Sovereign territory

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Settlement products Wiki videos
Gush Shalom presents: Settlement Products Wiki
*Settlement Products Wiki - a systematic informational research about businesses in the settlements and their...
Remembering Uri Avnery
Remembering Uri Avnery
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Tisha b’Av and the Politics of the Temple Mount

This week holds a confluence of two important holy days for residents of Jerusalem and Jews and Muslims around the world. Tisha b’Av, the day of Jewish mourning for both the destruction of the Temple 2,000 years ago and a series of other tragedies that befell the Jewish people on the same date...

Bil'in: demonstrating against the wall - and for the right of demonstrating
“With our knees on the Palestinians’ neck”
This week the Israeli daily Ha’aretz published an extensive interview with me. It was an extraordinary opportunity...
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This week: Ruling the air and women’s empowerment
In February this year, an Iranian drone flew into Israel's airspace and was shot down after a few minutes. A week...
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