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Archive of 20 years of articles written by Avnery and posted here
Since the Gush Shalom website was established, a new article by Uri Avnery appeared every week in this column. In...
What Israelis won't be asking about the released prisoners
The list of Palestinians slated to be exchanged for Israelis should provoke reflection over the role of mass...

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Settlement products Wiki videos
Gush Shalom presents: Settlement Products Wiki
*Settlement Products Wiki - a systematic informational research about businesses in the settlements and their...
Remembering Uri Avnery
Remembering Uri Avnery
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First Tel Aviv Anti-War Demonstration Reveals the Limits on Protest in Today’s Israel

The first anti-war demonstration in Tel Aviv since October 7 offered an important look at the current state of the protest movement in Israel, as well as how the government will seek to repress it...

Bil'in: demonstrating against the wall - and for the right of demonstrating
Belgian Human Rights defender summarily deported
For immediate release: Human Rights Defender Accused of Supporting Terror Deported
Alison Russell, a Scottish-born...
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A terrible day
This is a terrible day. After waking up to air sirens under a barrage of hundreds of rockets fired on Israeli...