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Down with the occupation! No more victims, no more bloodshed!

Picketing the Defense Ministry gates on Kaplan Street, Tel Aviv Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at 18:30. Down with the occupation! No more victims, no more bloodshed! Settlers out of Hebron! We will not keep silent - we shall not live by the sword!

Initiators: The Hithabrut - Tarabut Movement

Since the beginning of October, more than 120 people - Palestinians and Israelis – lost their lives in yet another escalation of the occupation violence. Hundreds were injured. Lives are cut off abruptly. Entire families are deeply hurt, physically and psychologically. Fear and hatred reign in the streets and at home. Enough!

Throughout the West Bank, as well as in the Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, there is an ongoing military and police offensive against the general population. This goes almost completely unreported in the mainstream Israeli media.

The racist settlement enclave at the heart of Hebron, a focus of ceaseless violence, has created an Apartheid situation in the city. Tens of thousands of people experience daily harassment. Hundreds of families have already been evicted from their homes, and their businesses were closed down. Hundreds more are directly targeted. The settlers, ensconced on higher floors of Hebron buildings, literally throw down their garbage on the heads of Palestinian passersby in the street below. Such outrageous daily humiliations would have been more than enough to drive each and every one of us to rebel!

Even here, inside Israel, acts of lynching and extrajudicial executions following stabbings have become a daily routine. Such acts encouraged, aided and abetted by the incitement of the Prime Minister in person - as of numerous other holders of senior public positions. This is not the way to provide security – not to anyone!. On the contrary, despair is increasing and the future looks bleak. The heavy price is being paid daily by the men and women of our two peoples. No more!