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Emergency Protest - Stop Forced Displacement in Masafer Yatta

Emergency Protest - Stop Forced Displacement in Masafer Yatta (Firing Zone 918) Last week, the High Court gave legal approval to the forcible transfer of thousands of Palestinians living in the Masafer Yatta area of the South Hebron Hills. More then one thousand civilians from eight villages are at risk of displacement in favor of Israeli military training in Firing Zone 918. If carried out, this will be the largest expulsion of Palestinians in decades. The ink has not yet dried on the verdict, and yesterday, Civil Administration bulldozers demolished 19 buildings in two villages in the firing zone. This is part of a longstanding Israeli practice of dispossesing Palestinians of their lands.

This Friday, 13.5 we will join the residents of Masafer Yatta in a protest against expulsion of their community. Transportation will leave at 8:30 from Migdal Haneviim in Haifa, 9:00 from Ginat Levinsky in Tel Aviv, and at 9:30 from Gan Hapaamon in Jerusalem. Join us!

Register for rides:


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Rally in support of the al-Hallaq family during the trial of the police officer who shot Eyad al-Hallaq

Rally in support of the al-Hallaq family during the second hearing in the case of the police officer who shot Eyad al-Hallaq to death. Monday 9th May at 11:30. District Court, Salah al-Din street 40, Jerusalem.

During the first hearing we saw cynical and malicious counter-protestors, including shameless physical attacks on the al-Hallaq family as they asked for justice for their son who was murdered by the police. This included calling the bereaved parents "terrorists".

During the hearing, the officer who shot Eyad was concealed behind a screen along with his family, instead of being forced to look into the eyes of Eyad's parents and to see in their eyes the consequences of his crime. Eyad's parents came to court searching for justice for their son, who was murdered simply for being Palestinian as he made his way to the school where he studied in the Old City on 30th May 2020. Instead they experienced racist challenged and support for their son's murderer.

Eyad's story managed to break into the international media and to crack its wall of apathy. Never forget that stories like these happen regularly, and only rarely do they garner media attention. Every Palestinian could find themself in Eyad's situation, perniciously identified as a suspect or as a terrorist. This was the fate of Dalia Samudi, who was killed by "crowd dispersal" weapons during an army raid in the al-Jabiriyat neighbourhood of Jenin on 7th August 2020. It was the fate of Amar Shafiq Abu Afifa, the 18 year old who was shot in the head in March 2022 while hiking with his friend in a forest near the Al-Aroub refugee camp where he lived. It has been the fate of countless others.

Therefore we are gathering to demand justice for Eyad and all the Palestinians who have been killed by the Israeli occupation, and to demand the basic rights to life and safety for all. We will also gather to protest against the police's Internal Affairs department, Mahash. We will not forget the attempted whitewash in the murder investigation, the concealing of footage from seven security cameras on the path along which Eyad fled from his attackers, or the fact that the reconstruction of the event was only carried out three months after the murder.

Join us on 9th May to support Eyad's family, to show them that we haven't forgotten this callous killing, and to stand as a protective presence between the family and the supporters of the murderous police officer, so as not to allow them to touch the al-Hallaq family again. Join us to call for personal and systemic accountability for this murder as we try to build a different reality

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פעולות נוספות נגד הכיבוש

שבוע הזיכרון החולף היה קשה. הפיגוע הרצחני באלעד, פסק דין בג"צ המאפשר גירוש 1000 איש ממסאפר יטא, הסלמה נוספת סביב הר הבית. כל אלה הבהירו היטב - כך אי אפשר להמשיך.

מה אפשר לעשות?

💪🏼 חומש - אנחנו באים! | פרטים בהמשך |

💪🏼 גיוס חירום להוצאות דיון נוסף בנושא מסאפר יטא |

💪🏼 המשך גיוס לבניית גדר לבשאר | הצטרפו למאמץ לאחר התקפה נוספת של מתנחלים אמש בבורין |

💪🏼 יום א' 8.5 | חוג בית גליל ים | שיח בין דורי על השירות בשטחים | אימהות נגד אלימות מארחות את שוברים שתיקה |

💪🏼 יום ב' 9.5 | צדק לאיאד - הפגנת תמיכה במשפחת אלחלאק ירושלים |

💪🏼 יום ג' 10.5| מפגש ראשון בסדרת הרצאות משפט וכיבוש | כולל דיון על בג"צ מסאפר יטא |

💪🏼 ימים ה' - שבת | נפגש כרגיל בשיח ג'ראח, במאהל בשרונה ועל הגשרים!

נמשיך ולא נוותר. עד שננצח! Adam Keller

Protesting administrative detentions at Security Service HQ in Tel Aviv

Saturday night - protest against administrative detentions at Security Service HQ in Tel Aviv, demanding release of boy detainee Amal Nahaleh

In less than two weeks, on May 18, Israel General Security Service, the Shabk, will decide whether to renew the administrative detention order facing the Palestinian youth Amal Nahala or allow him to return to his worried family and parents. Amal was arrested at seventeen, over a year ago. He is being held in continuous detention without charge or trial, even though he suffers from an autoimmune disease that impairs his muscle function and ability to breathe, and which requires ongoing medical treatment and follow-up.

Activists will hold a demonstration at the Shabak HQ, this coming Saturday evening, 7.5.2022 at 7.00 PM, on Shalom Rosenfeld Street in Ramat Aviv (north Tel Aviv). An earlier demonstration at the same venue
two weeks ago drew an unusual police presence, with no fewer than six police vehicles arriving at the scene - regardless of the number of protesters or their behavior. The exceptional police presence was probably due to the fact that the demonstration site is close to the Shabak headquarters, whose location has never been officially disclosed but is well known to the general public.

Decisions on administrative detentions are actually made by the Shabak. Theoretically there is a "judicial oversight" but in practice the judges serve as no more than a rubber stamp, automatically approving requests for an administrative detention order, based on "secret material" that the detainee and his lawyers are not allowed to see.

Due to the unwillingness of judges to intervene in Shabak requests for administrative detention orders, this legal procedure has become an empty show. That is why Palestinian administrative detainees have decided since the beginning of the year not to participate in such shows. As a sign of solidarity with the Palestinian detainees, Israeli activists decided that if they are arrested during the current demonstration or during other actions against the occupation and apartheid, they too would refuse to cooperate with the Israeli legal system, appear in court, be represented by lawyers and or take any other legal action. 162 Israeli activists have so far signed the declaration of boycott on the legal system, and the signing continues. Among these the signatories, Neta Golan boycotted a hearing on an indictment issued against her in connection with protests against the Gaza siege and a subpoena was issued against her. Another signatory, Yasmin Eran-Vardi, refused to cooperate when she was taken to the Hebron police after a police officer attacked her while she stood with Palestinian farmers, and was finally released without signing anything.

In addition to the case of Amal Nahala, the protesters will focus on Saturday night on two other cases of administrative arrests with prominent humanitarian aspects.

The " the eldest detainee," Bashir Al-Khairi, is a 79 year old poet, who suffers from the health problems usual at such an age and who is in concrete life danger due to living conditions in the prison. As usual, the Shabak does not make known the reasons for his detention.

Khalil al-Awawda, a resident of Hebron and a father of four daughters, who has already been in administrative detention for five years, is on a hunger strike which is approaching its seventieth day, and his health is deteriorating. From past experience, when administrative detainees go on a prolonged hunger strike, the Shabak eventually agrees not to extend their detention - but recently this decision comes only after the detainee has suffered irreversible health damage.

In principle, the organizers of the demonstration oppose the entire system of administrative detentions without trial and especially their wholesale use against Palestinian residents of the occupied territory and recently also against Palestinian who hold Israeli citizenship.

Contact: +972-(0)54-2340749

For background see:

Declaration of solidarity of Israelis with the strike of administrative detainees:

הצהרת סולדריות עם שביתת העצירים המנהליים – Israeli Jews Call: (

Palestinian administrative detainees boycotting court proceedings for 4 months - while Israel continues to uphold them regardless | B'Tselem (

Palestinian administrative detainees boycotting court proceedings for 4 months – while Israel continue to uphold them regardless | B'Tselem (

+972 Artice by Neta Golan

Video: Israeli activists and anti-apartheid activists demonstrate in front of Shin Bet offices in Ramat Aviv. Demonstration in front of Shein Beit offices in Tel Aviv – Israeli Jews Call: ( te:

Today: 17th Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony

The 17th Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Ceremony is taking place today. After months of planning and many sleepless nights, we will gather with a few hundred people in Tel Aviv and Beit Jala in Area C, and hundreds of thousands of people from around the world to remember all those lost through conflict, and discover a new path to equality, justice and peace.

Reject violence, support hope

As always, the week before the ceremony is an intense one. From intimidation by political opposition, to accusations of being a traitor or siding with ‘the other’ - we will prevail together. We hope you will have a meaningful experience, and one which will inspire a sense of humanity, empathy, and courage to follow the right path ahead.

In Peace & Solidarity from Israel/Palestine

Rana Salman Palestinian Director

Yonatan Gher Israeli Director





Zoom Rooms 9:30pm Jerusalem Time

Click on the following links to join the room of your choice

Room 1: The Place of Compassion

Tuli Flint, a social worker who treats PTSD and CFP’s Israeli general coordinator; and Basaam Aramin, co-founder of CFP, will speak on the meaning of compassion in our lives, and in the work of bi-national organizations who take action to bring peace.

Language: Hebrew | Translation: To Arabic and English

Click here to join:

Room 2: The Place of Transformation

Tal Sagi, who grew up in a settlement and served in the Israeli military in Hebron, will speak on her journey from there to her role today, coordinating all education activities in Breaking The Silence.

Language: Hebrew | Translation: To English

Room 3: The Safe Space

Bentzi Banderas served as a combatant in the Israeli military in the West Bank and fought in “Protective Edge”, will speak on his journey which led him to his role in Breaking The Silence as the coordinator for Diaspora Jewry.

Language: English | Translation: To Arabic

Room 4: The Brave Place – the place of dialogue

Scott Rasmussen, CEO of “Hands of Peace”, will talk with the organization’s alumni about the courage to talk and listen to the “other” and about the significance – and limitations – of dialogue.

Language: English | Translation: To Hebrew

Room 5: The Place of Youth

Talia Balaban from Tel Aviv and Sima Awad from Beit Omer, both 18 year old, grew up in bereaved families. We’ll hear from them how they got to Parents Circle Family Forum’s summer camp and how it affected them. Teenagers are especially welcome.

Language: Hebrew and Arabic | Translation: To Hebrew and Arabic

Room 6: Dialogue meeting with Parents Circle Family Forum members

Laila Alsheikh, who lost her baby son, and Tal Kfir Schurr, who lost her sister, tell their personal story and talk about their journey to the PCFF.

Language: English | Translation: To Hebrew

Room 7: Dialogue meeting with Parents Circle Family Forum members

Eytan Amir, who lost his brother, and Ashraf Abu Ayash, who lost his father and grandfather, tell their personal stories, and speak about their journeys who led them to PCFF.

Language: Hebrew | Translation: To Arabic

Room 8: Dialogue meeting with Parents Circle Family Forum members

Yakub Rabi, who lost his wife, and Kamaal Zidane, who lost two sons, tell their personal stories and speak about their journeys that led them to PCFF.

Support the Israeli-Palestinian Joint Memorial Ceremony

Visit our website:

Dear All

The Joint Memorial Ceremony, co-hosted by Combatants for Peace and Parents Circle - Families Forum, is the largest annual Peace event in the entire world! With all of the violence taking place in the world right now, this event is more critical than ever.

Pulling together an event of this size and scope (300,000+ people!) takes a huge amount of time, dedication, and resources. We sincerely hope you can join us at the Ceremony, and if you are able to make a gift to support this historic event, we would be deeply grateful. Your generosity helps to build a peaceful future. We can't do it without you.

Join us this Tuesday May 3rd, 1:30pm ET/ 10:30am PT Register Support the Ceremony

I hope to see you at the Memorial!

Beth Schuman Executive Director American Friends of Combatants for Peace

Now is the time to act. Join our movement.

American Friends of Combatants for Peace PO Box 27671 San Francisco, CA 94127 United States

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> Fwd: May 2022 > > ---------- Forwarded message --------- > From: mistaclim > > > > Can't see this message? View in a browser > > May 2022 > > voices from the ground > > We, "looking the occupation in the eye", contact you as the recipient of our letter regarding the prevention of human rights in the Occupied Territories by Israeli authorities. > As the situation worsens in front of our eyes from day to day, we want to continue to pass on information about what is happening in daily life in Area C under Israeli occupation. In a letter sent from time to time we will report on some significant events among many that have happened recently as well as a description of the life of an activist both Israeli and Palestinian. > If you are not interested in receiving our letter please write it to us in a return email. > Hoping for a better future for those living between the Jordan and the sea. > > > The voice of an Israeli activist > > My name is Zoria Haddad, I was born in Tunis 60 years ago. I am a psychotherapist by profession. > When I was 5 years old, my family immigrated to Israel, I grew up in a religious and right-wing family. > > Read More > > > The voice of a Palestinian activist > > My name is Ali Awad. I was born and raised in the village of Tuba in Masafer Yatta, one of twelve villages that were declared ‘Firing Zone 918’ by the Israeli military. > > In 1999, my family was evicted from Tuba > > Read More > > The stories of the daily life > > Guy Ben Hinnom > > Guy Ben Hinnom is a wonderful valley located between the Silwan and Abu Tor neighborhoods of Jerusalem. > > Read More > > They just want to graduated > > Young people who have graduated and before enlisting in the army come to the pre-military preparatory school, they study various subjects, > > Read More > > Shepherd's Life > > One of several incidents that took place on Saturday 26.3.22 Susya south of Mount Hebron in the words of an activist : > > Read More > > Why can’t my sister sleep at night? > > Why can’t my sister sleep at night? Because soldiers keep raiding our home > > > > > > > > Read More > > Iftar in Sheikh Jarrah. > > On Wednesday last week, the closing meal of the Ramadan (Iftar) fast was held in Sheikh Jarrah. > > > > Read More > Follow Us > Follow on Facebook > Follow on Instagram > Follow on YouTube > Follow on Twitter > > Share on social > > Share on FacebookShare on Twitter > > > Check out our site > Created with‌ ‌ Explore Ascend >

Severely ill Palestinian boy - already a year in Adminstrative Detetnion

Public Demand: Free Amal Nakhleh!

To: Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Health Minister Nitzan Horowietz

We, Israeli citizens, stand in solidarity with Palestinian administrative detainees being held in Israeli military prisons without charge or trial. Since January 1st, Palestinian administrative detainees have been opposing the blatant violation of their rights by refusing to participate in the military’s legal proceedings against them.

One of the striking prisoners is the youth Amal Nakhleh. Amal was arrested over one year ago at the age of sixteen and has been held ever since without charge or trial. He suffers from an autoimmune disease that impairs his muscle function and breathing ability. This requires ongoing medical treatment and monitoring. He was initially arrested under suspicion of stone throwing. After a military judge ordered his release, the GSS issued an administrative detention order against him. In January 2022, he boycotted his case review by a military court. In his absence, the military Judge extended his detention until the 17th of May, at which point it may be extended again, and again1.

Of 4400 Palestinians currently imprisoned by the occupation forces, 490 are in administrative detention2. Israel imprisons Administrative detainees indefinitely without ever informing them why. In cases like Amal’s, when the authorities do not have sufficient evidence for indictment or do not want to reveal the evidence they allegedly possess, administrative detention is used as an alternative to criminal trial. This blurs the distinction between an administrative proceeding- which was designed to be a preventive measure- and regular criminal proceedings that are punitive and retroactive. Israel exploits this gray area to detain Palestinians for expressing their political opinions and for engaging in non-violent political activity.

Israeli military judges maintain the secrecy of evidence and often do not seek any at all3. The percentage of requests for arrest approved by the military court is approximately 99%. These proceedings are often little more than a rubber stamp for the GSS to do with Palestinians as they please. When a prisoner is finally released from administrative detention, they can always be arrested again at any time without any given reason. This arbitrary use of administrative detention orders amounts to torture4.

The military justice system, in which Israeli military officers serve as the judge and prosecutor of orders issued by the Israeli military commander, views Palestinians solely as enemies and a danger by virtue of their national identity. Since 1967, the Israeli occupation forces have arrested more than 800,000 Palestinian men, women and children in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

The military legal system cooperates with the GSS to maintain a state of control over the Palestinian population and trample on any opposition to the occupation. This system is an inevitable and even necessary part of a d5iscriminatory system that maintains a regime of control through the systematic repression of another population. This is the definition of the crime of apartheid5.

We therefore demand the immediate release of Amal Nahala and all Palestinian political detainees held arbitrarily without charge.

#FreeAmalNakhleh #FreetThemAll

Activists proteste the Tel Aviv arms exhibition: "Arms trade is death trade"

Israeli Human rights activists protested the arms exhibition in Tel Aviv : "Arms trade is death trade"

Israeli human rights activists demonstrated at the ISDEF22 arms exhibition in Tel Aviv, calling " Arm trade is death trade", "War starts here", and "No right time for war crimes".

Human rights activists demonstrated today at the entrance to the ISDEF weapons and security export exhibition in Tel Aviv.

This year's exhibition included official delegations from, among other, the Philippines, Morocco, Uganda, Bahrain, and Belarus, which recently took part in the Russian invasion to Ukraine.

The activists demanded an end to the Israeli arms trade and the profit-making of Israeli arms and cyber companies on the expense of lives and the freedom of civilians, journalists and human rights activists in Palestine and around the world.

Yael, an activist who participated in the demonstration:

"War in Europe, civilians killed and millions of refugees on the run, and once again Israel chooses to advance itself with destructive technologies and weapons, used to kill and imprison civilians, journalists and human rights activists. Ayelet Shaked (Israeli minister of interior) was quoted in Ha'aertz last week saying Israel should attempt to profit from the war in Ukraine. Israel arms dark regimes and wars around the world and expels refugees from the very same wars.We are here to say out loud that arm trade is death trade."

Yonatan, an activist in "New Profile", a movement for the demilitarization of Israeli society, added: "Israel is ranked eighth in world arms exports, and in relation to the number of its inhabitants, it is the largest arms exporter in the world. Israeli companies export weapons and offensive technologies to countries that commit blatant violations of human rights and crimes against humanity - after the Israeli military industry tries them on Palestinians, and markets them as 'battle proven'. We need to stop the global armament that is leading the world to destruction and suffering. "

This year's exhibition included official delegations from Belarus, the Philippines, Morocco, Uganda and Bahrain.

For more information about Israel's arm export industry:

For more information: Yonathan, 972-545724775

Join us today, Tuesday March 15 at the Supreme Court in Jerusalem to demand an end to the ethnic cleansing and forced expulsion of Masafer Yatta’s 1300 residents.

Masafer Yatta is an area in the South Hebron Hills of the West Bank, which is home to twelve small Palestinian villages, totaling about 1,300 residents. These agricultural and shepherding communities have lived in Masafer Yatta for generations.

In the early 1980s, the Israeli army declared the communities’ 35,000 dunam of land “Fire Zone 918.” This was declared in efforts to to displace Palestinians from their homes and strengthen Israeli settlements in the area. Fire Zone 918 is in opposition to international law — which prohibits the expulsion of a population from its land and the use of occupied land for military training.

Today, Tuesday March 15, a court ruling could determine the residents’ futures. If the Supreme Court decides to permit the expulsion of residents, it will be one of the largest expulsions carried out by the State of Israel in recent decades and a further escalation of Israel’s policies of annexation and Apartheid.

We must not stand by as the government of Israel evicts entire communities in our name.

Join us this morning in front of the Supreme Court in Jerusalem, to demand an end to the ethnic cleansing and forced expulsion of Masafer Yatta’s 1300 residents. #SaveMasaferYatta

No to ethnic cleansing in Masafer Yatta (South Hebron Hills, West Bank)!

Israelis in solidarity with Russian opposition to Ukraine War

Open letter of solidarity to the Russian peace movement, opposing the Ukraine War

Dear friends, We are writing to you as citizens of Israel who oppose the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip, and are committed to the struggle against Jewish supremacy and for the rights of the Palestinian people. Many of us have experience in resisting the occupation through actions such as refusal to serve in the military, public testimony regarding its crimes, street protests and public pressure; and within left-wing, feminist, anti-militarist and other organizations.

Like you, over the last few days we have watched with dismay and disgust as the Russian army launched its criminal invasion of Ukraine, but besides the firm resistance of the Ukrainian people, the striking activity of the anti-war movement in Russia has also been a great light in the darkness. Without comparing our situation to yours - and the differences are many - we take inspiration from your resistance.

The courage with which you are acting proves that the Putin regime has not been able to break the spirit of Russian society, which continues to harbor real hope for an immediate homecoming of the troops, a return to the negotiation table and a peaceful solution. We wish you success and promise to do all we can to amplify your voice in the public sphere in Israel and abroad. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can be of any assistance to you.

In solidarity,

To sign, enter here

Петиция: Израильтяне солидарны с движением за мир в России, которое выступает против войны на Украине

Дорогие друзья,

Мы пишем вам от имени граждан Израиля, которые протестуют против оккупации Израилем Иудеи, Самарии, Восточного Иерусалима и Газы, и которые посвятили свою жизнь борьбе против еврейского превосходства и за права Палестинского народа. Многие из нас имеют опыт сопротивления оккупации через отказ от службы в армии, с помощью публичных свидетельств ее преступных действий, уличных протестных демонстраций, и общественного давления. Многие из нас являются членами левых, феминистских, анти-военных и других организаций. Вместе с вами, на протяжении последних нескольких дней, мы с тревогой и отвращением смотрели как российская армия начала свое преступное вторжение на территорию Украины. На ряду с отважным сопротивлением украинского народа, активная деятельность российского антивоенного движения в эти дни выглядит как луч света в темном царстве. Не сравнивая нашу ситуацию с вашей, а разница огромна, мы вдохновлены вашим сопротивлением. Смелость, с которой вы действуете, доказывает, что путинский режим не смог сломить дух российского общества, стремящегося вернуть солдат домой и вернуться за стол переговоров для нахождения мирного выхода из сложившейся ситуации. Знайте, что мы поддерживаем вас и обещаем сделать все, что в наших силах, чтобы ваш голос был услышан обществом Израиля и за его пределами. Мы будем рады оказать вам любую помощь.

Выражая солидарность,

Чтобы подписать, введите здесь

Urgent call - solidarity presence needed in Sheikh Jarrah

Urgent call for activists to come document and show solidarity in Sheikh Jarrah today. This morning, the notorius MK Itamar Ben-Gvir moved his office to the courtyard of the Salem family, who are facing forced expulsion from their home.

At 7:30 p.m. this evening, Sun. Feb. 13, a settler and right wing demonstration is planned in the neighborhood. There is an urgent need for activists to stand with the Salem family today - please come to Sheikh Jarrah whenever you can.

Please sign up using this form so that we can make sure you are connected to other activists on the ground, media, and community members in Sheikh Jarrah.

Please note - activist presence is requested for documentation, media and protective presence. It is important to be attentive to the needs and directions of the Salem family and their neighbors and, of course, to be careful while you're in a potentially dangerous situatio

Contact: +972 50-637-3010 +972- 54-819-1355

Violent settlers will not intimidate us! Tomorrow, we all go to Burin!

Tomorrow, Fri. Feb. 4, we go tree planting in Burin, to support Palestinian farmers and to take a stand against Jewish terror and settler violence. This email contains all the information needed to make Friday safe and effective, so please read it carefully.

What to expect

We plan to arrive in Burin at 9 a.m. and leave Burin at 12:30 p.m.

In the previous activity in Burin, volunteers experienced severe violence from settlers. Most activities take place safely without any violence or danger, but there is always a risk of violence during activities in the Occupied Territory. It is important for you to know that the activity is coordinated with the police and the army, and we always recommend not going anywhere alone. The commitment of so many people to stand side by side in the face of settler violence is our strength and shield. The activity will be led by very experienced activists who are committed to maintaining your safety.

The activity will not take place in the form of a demonstration, following the request of the residents of Burin and due to the fear that after the volunteers leave, the settlers will use violence in retaliation against the Palestinian residents of Burin, without anyone protecting them or standing by them. The focus will be on completing the tree planting and making a clear and determined statement against the ongoing violence.

There is a chance of rain on Friday, please prepare accordingly with coats and umbrellas!

Bus rides:

The Tel Aviv bus will leave HaGdud Haivri St 33 (Levinski) at 7:15, and Arlozorov at 7:30.

The Jerusalem bus will leave Liberty Bell Park (Gan Hapaamon) at 7:15.

North: a bus leaves Maalot (in front of the Bella Mia restaurant) at 5:50, the old central station in Carmiel at 6:15, Alonim (first bus stop before the square) at 6:50. and Yokneam (bus stop in front of Mall G) at 7 p.m.

South: A bus leaves Be'er Sheva (parking lot in the Teachers' Center) at 6:45. Rosh HaAyin: A bus leaves from the Rosh HaAyin train station at 8 p.m.

If you would like to arrive by car, you are welcome to join the WhatsApp group for rides: Indicate there whether you will arrive by car or need a ride.

COVID precautions

Due to the risk of COVID infection, we recommend arriving by car. During the entire bus ride, it is mandatory to wear a mask. If you do not feel well, please stay at home. If you can do a COVID test before going to Burin, it will help reduce the chances of infection.

What to bring -Water (3 liters) and food (snacks and lunch)

-Hat, sunscreen, long work clothes suitable for rain and a raincoat, closed shoes, and an umbrella

  • ID (or passport)

-Work gloves (optional)

-Tools: garden hoe, pickaxe, and/or shovel (optional)

Please reply to this email whether you are coming and how (by bus or car) and if by bus, which one (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, etc.).

If you have any questions, I am at 052-2847-685

Thank you and see you on Friday!


Dani Brodsky Director of the OPT Department Rabbis for Human Rights 052-2847-685

An especially violent and brutal week in the Occupied Territories

This week – January 16-22, 2022 – in the Occupied Territories

Dozens of armed Special Police Forces broke into the home of the Salehiya family in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the middle of the night, at a temperature below zero degrees centigrade, arrested the family members and activists sleeping over with extreme violence, and razed the house to the ground – after they destroyed the nursery in the yard the previous day; Thousands from all over the West Bank attended the funeral of Haj Suleiman Hadhalin who was run over to death by an Israeli police tow truck in his village of Umm Al Kheir; Jewish terrorists attacked and clubbed activists helping to plant tree saplings near the Palestinian village of Bourin and burnt their car, seven of the activists are suffering head injuries and fractures; Outpost terrorists were busy this week uprooting trees throughout the West Bank, invading fields, chasing out and running over flocks in the Palestinian Jordan Valley; Soldiers broke into a school in Deir Nizam, vandalized a classroom and arrested pupils; Join protests against the occupation at junctions and bridges throughout Israel with ‘Looking the Occupation in the Eye’ movement’

South Hebron Hills

Thousands came from all over the West Bank on Tuesday, January 18, to attend the funeral of Haj Suleiman Hadhalin, who was run over and killed by an Israeli police tow truck. A formal military funeral was held in Hebron, and from there the funeral procession continued to the killed man’s village of Umm Al Kheir.

That day, Tuesday, about 30 olive trees were discovered uprooted, and the fence of the grove was found damaged, in the village of A-Rakiz.

On Wednesday, the occupation forces demolished a dwelling in Ramadin (Hebron district, east of Dahariya). That day, a resident of the Seam Zone (Abu Kabita) was detained at ‘Yatir’ checkpoint, and only the intervention of an attorney enabled him to get home eventually.

On Saturday, terrorists from ‘Havat Maon’ – masked and armed with clubs and metal rods – again invaded a tended Palestinian field near the water hole at Humra, close to the village of Tawane – and caused damages. Activists arrived, and the outpost terrorists cursed, threatened, pushed and threw stones at them, all in full sight of soldiers present. The soldiers refused to arrest the vandals. Finally the site was declared ‘closed military zone’ and the activists left after the settler-colonists did.

The same day, Israeli soldiers chased away a Palestinian landowner from Mufaqara who came to his field near the ‘Avigail’ outpost with surveyors. Their arrest was prevented by an attorney’s intervention, and the army enabled one surveyor and the landowner to return and mark several spots on the ground.

Activists accompanied shepherds in Umm Al Imad and the family of the land owner in Umm Al Arais – unhampered.

Palestinian Jordan Valley and the West Bank Hill Range

Harassment of shepherd communities around Auja by terrorists from the outposts escalated this week with the active help of the Israeli army. On Tuesday, soldiers tried to prevent grazing, but activists accompanying the shepherds prevented them from doing so , and the order declaring the site a ‘closed military zone’ failed to arrive. On Thursday, two of the ‘Havat Omer’ outpost thugs broke into a Palestinian flock with their vehicle and ran over a sheep. Activists documented this and the license plate number of the vehicle, but the army refused to look into the matter. Another attack against a flock, this time with an ATV, took place that day. Also on the morrow (Friday), an ATV from the new outpost near ‘Mevo’ot Yericho’ dispersed the Palestinians’ flocks, while at ‘Havat Omer’ the settler-colonists celebrated with a musical concert.

Around Tayibe Junction activists dealt with the invasion of settler-colonists’ cattle flocks into privately-owned Palestinian fields most days this week. The activists reported to the police and usually managed to make the flocks be led out.

In the northern part of the Palestinian Jordan Valley, activists accompanied shepherds around Samra, Khalat Makhoul, and En Al Hilwa, usually unhampered. However, in Hamra on Friday, new construction-work was documented in the outpost of the violent settler nearby. The next day, Saturday, two settlers armed with a pistol and a rifle broke into a flock on a vehicle with a concealed license plate. The flock ran away, activists documented the incident and summoned army and police, who did not arrive.


Dozens demonstrated on Sunday opposite the home of Mayor Lion protesting the eviction of the Salehiya family from its home in Sheikh Jarrah, after the municipality confiscated the ground – without any reparations to the family – supposedly in order to build a school for the local residents, though a large area already taken in the past for the neighborhood’s needs was given over to settler-colonists of the ‘Or Sameach’ Yeshiva. The Jerusalem police violently dispersed the protestors and arrested one of them.

On Monday, January 17, when large forces arrived to carry out the eviction, the father of the family along with 10 youngsters, his sons and their friends, barricaded themselves on the roof threatening to blow themselves up with gas tanks. This act, as well as diplomatic pressure, prevented the eviction, but the bulldozers demolished the nursery in the yard, a car park and a barber shop.

Activist kept shifts in the house constantly after that. However, at 3 a.m. on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, about 100 policemen of the Special Forces broke into the house, threw stun grenades and with severe violence arrested 18 members of the family and activists sleeping there, including 5 Israelis. The detainees were thrown out into the mud at -2 degrees centigrade, and taken to the police station while bulldozers razed the house to the ground. That evening, several dozens of demonstrators protested this brutal eviction opposite the home of Mayor Lion, and the police dispersed them violently and arrested 5 of them. Member of Knesset Mossi Raz who took part in the demonstration was beaten by the police. Protests opposite the homes of ministers Merav Michaeli and Nitzan Horowitz also took place at the same time in Tel Aviv. On Thursday, a protest was held opposite the court during its session to keep the Salehiya family members in custody – while all Israeli detainees were released, pending on keeping their distance from the neighborhood.

On Friday, settler-colonists headed by Arya King, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, came to the home of the Salem family, who is also under threat of eviction from Sheikh Jarrah, and fenced in their yard. That afternoon, hundreds of protestors joined the weekly demonstration in the neighborhood, and took apart the fence put up by the settlers.

Throughout the West Bank

On Tuesday, January 18, 8 soldiers broke into a school in Deir Nizam (Ramallah district), ordered the pupils into a classroom, threw around tables and broke the air-conditioning unit, and arrested 2 pupils. The army has been carrying out punitive measures in the village, and has already broken into the school 3 times, thrown stun grenades near homes for no reason, and declared curfew on the village. [See the item at the Local Call website:**]

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A group of activists from the ‘Olive Harvest Coalition’, planting olive tree saplings near the Palestinian village of Bourin (Nablus district), on Friday, January 21, was attacked by masked Jewish terrorists from the nearby ‘Giv’at Ronen’ outpost. The terrorists beat the activists with clubs and stones and threw a fire bomb. 7 activists were wounded, 2 of them with fractured limbs, and their vehicle was burnt. [See item on Local Call website: **]

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That day, Friday, dozens of olive trees were uprooted near the village of Bidiya (Salfit district), and 2 Palestinian farmers were wounded by Jewish settler hoodlums.

On Saturday night, a settler tractor carried out plowing works and the uprooting of fruit trees on privately-owned Palestinian fields around the dismantled outpost of ‘Migron’, accompanied by dozens of Jewish terrorists from the outpost ‘Giv’at Asaf’. The settlers descended to the nearby village of Burqa, villagers came out towards them, and an Israeli military vehicle arrived and shot at the Palestinians.

That night, villagers of a Palestinians community in the Nablus district near the violent outpost of ‘Kida’ discovered that their car tires had been punctured and slur graffiti against the arrest of ‘hills’ youth’ had been sprayed on the vehicles.

West Bank routine: settlers attack Palestinian flocks and run over sheep

Taayush report for the week of January 9-15, 2022 – in the Occupied Territories

Terrorists from the settlers’ outposts in the Palestinian Jordan Valley regularly attack flocks of Palestinians with ATVs and stones – this week they also beat up a shepherdess and her son near Auja, and ran over and killed sheep in Rashash, in the West Bank Hill Range; ‘Carmel’ settlers tried to steal lands belonging to Umm Al Kheir village by moving the route of the seperation fence between the settlement and the village, but the attempt was thwarted by Palestinian villagers; Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint detained, shackled and beat up 80-year-old Omar As’ad from Jiljiliya, then dumped him in a deserted building where he was found dead, hands shackled; demolitions throughout the West Bank and in East Jerusalem; Haj Sliman Hadalin died of his wounds, after being run over by a police tow-truck in his village of Umm Al Kheir;

Demonstrators at the weekly protest vigil of Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem, Friday, January 17, 2022

South Hebron Hills

On Monday, settlers from the illegal outpost of ‘Mitzpe Yair’ along with a military unit came to a field in Atariya and prevented a Palestinian family from working there. Activists arrived, but were removed by a closed military zone order.

This week in Umm Al Kheir, settlers from near-by ‘Carmel’ tried to steal village land by moving the route of the fence separating the settler-colony from the village. Villagers and activists together prevented this act of stealing, and fencing continued on Tuesday and Wednesday along the old route. On Friday, a demonstration and prayer were planned in the village following the running over last week of Sliman Hadalin, an elderly villager, by the driver of a police tow-truck (police left the elderly man on the road in critical condition), but the gathering was postponed due to the stormy weather. Haj Sliman Hadalin died of his wounds at a Hebron hospital on Monday, January 17.

On Wednesday, January 12, the occupation forces demolished 9 structures and a large water hole at Fakhit, leaving a family of 18 persons, 11 of them children, homeless. Visitors and aid organizations arriving there on the morrow came to offer help.

Activists accompanied plowing work in Mughayer Al Abed on Thursday unhampered, and on Saturday they accompanied the family of the Umm Al Arais landowner. On Saturday at noon, settlers from ‘Maon’ and soldiers doing their bidding chased away a shepherd and his flock from Khali, near the village of Tawane.

To join Ta'ayush in The South Hebron Hills this Saturday call 055-2770168

Please make an effort to register no later than Thursday evening. Please bring an ID/passport, a hat, water and food for the day. It is advised to take into consideration cultural differences in the choice of clothing.

Palestinian Jordan Valley and the West Bank Hill Range

The shepherd communities around Auja suffer systematic harassment, both from the settler-colonists of the new outposts near ‘Mevo’ot Yericho’ and from the private outpost called ‘the Omer Ranch’. On Sunday, January 9, activists managed to prevent the dispersal of a flock belonging to a Palestinian shepherdess by settler-colonists from ‘Omer Ranch’, but the settlers went on to attack with stones another flock and threatened its Palestinian shepherd with guns. On Thursday, a settler from the new violent outpost near ‘Mevo’ot Yericho’ tried to chase away a flock with his ATV, but activists prevented this. That day, Palestinians who had leased Waqf land in the area came to protest confiscation of lands by the ‘Omer Ranch’ settler, who had dug holes, planted trees and placed benches and sheds there. The demonstrators raised a tent, and the settler summoned the army who presented the Palestinians and activists with a closed military zone order from 2021. The next day, terrorists from the outposts of ‘Mevo’ot Yericho’, riding 5 ATVs, attacked Palestinian shepherdesses, beat up one of the shepherdesses and her son, and grabbed and broke the cell phone of a Palestinian boy who was documenting the attack.

On Sunday, January 8, armed terrorists from the outposts near Rashash (Ramallah district) attacked the flock of a Palestinian shepherd and ran over sheep, 3 of which died on the spot and others were wounded.

Activists accompanied shepherds to grazing grounds in the northern part of the Palestinian Jordan Valley – Samra, Khalat Makhoul, Farisiya and En Al Hilwa – this week mostly unhampered. In Hamra activists managed to prevent the violent settler-colonist from the nearby outpost from chasing away a flock on Sunday as well as Monday, but then a military force arrived and at the bidding of the settler limited the grazing ground for the Palestinian flock.

On Sunday, on the West Bank Hill Range, flocks belonging to settlers invaded privately-owned Palestinian fields near Tayibe Junction. An activist summoned the police, who distanced the flocks from the tended Palestinian field. On Monday, activists paid a visit to Ras A Tin, where occupation forces had carried out massive demolitions in the summer, as well as confiscating solar panels, water tankers and tractors. The Palestinian villagers reported that the authorities demanded thousands of shekels in order to return the equipment to its owners; villagers who could not afford this, are now living without water and electricity.

To join activity in the Jordan Valley, please contact Arik: 050-5607034


The weekly protest vigil against evicting the Palestinian population from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood took place on Friday in stormy weather, unhampered.

The weekly protest in Sheikh Jarrah takes place every Friday. We will meet at the Sheikh Jarrah Garden, Nablus Road and Dahlmann St. at 3 p.m

Demolitions in Jerusalem

On Monday, occupation forces demolished a structure in Sur Bahr and another in Issawiya. In Walaje they demolished 2 structures on Wednesday, and on Thursday a structure in Shu’afat refugee camp.

Throughout the West Bank

On Sunday, a settler-colonist mob blocked the road leading to Ramallah from Al Bireh, and stoned Palestinian vehicles.

Israeli soldiers at a military checkpoint stopped Omar As’ad, an 80-year-old Palestinian living in Jiljiliya (Ramallah district), shackled and beat him up, and dumped him in