Alerts and Reports

Can this conference inspire a new Israeli-Palestinian peace movement? - Friday 07/06/24
Tens of Thousands Call for a Ceasefire/Hostage Release Deal - Saturday 31/01/20
Gush Shalom presents: Settlement Products Wiki - Sunday 27/03/16
Protest Purim Carnival at Ofer Prison: release circus artist Abu Sakha! - Monday 20/03/16
Hunger-striking detainee Mohammad Al Qiq - in life danger! - Wednesday 16/02/16
Israelis and Palestinians protest land expropriation - Friday 11/02/16
"Don’t take part in a demagogic campaign against the Arab MKs" - Sunday 06/02/16
Israelis and Palestinians March for Peace, Independence and Justice for Two Peoples - Thursday 03/02/16
CO's Tair and Tanya go to prison via the Induction Center - Saturday 29/01/16
“They will not break us!” - Friday 21/01/16
Support imprisoned CO Tair Kaminer! - Saturday 08/01/16
We will not be silent, we stand together! - Friday 17/12/15
Down with the occupation! No more victims, no more bloodshed! - Wednesday 08/12/15
Outlawing the Islamic Movement - a demagogic and anti-democratic move, harmful in every respect - Tuesday 16/11/15
Jews and Arabs stand together - Rally in Haifa, Sun. Nov. 1 - Thursday 22/10/15
We will not surrender to despair - We will stand together! - Friday 16/10/15
Protest Vigil against the Occupation and Escalation - Thursday 08/10/15
Emergency protest: Break the Cycle of Bloodshed! - Sunday 04/10/15
No building of a Jewish community by destroying a Bedouin village! - Wednesday 26/08/15
Protest: No to incitement and violence! - Friday 31/07/15
Demonstration - save Susya from destruction! - Wednesday 22/07/15
Avnery: Let the Flotilla through, open the Port of Gaza under international supervision - Sunday 28/06/15
No garbage disposal in Shuafat! Protest! - Thursday 11/06/15
Cross Borders Concert at the Gaza Strip border - Wednesday 03/06/15
March in Jerusalem: No social justice without an end to the occupation - Friday 29/05/15
Abolish "Jerusalem Day" - the settler holiday - Sunday 17/05/15
"Boycott of cottage cheese is allowed, but not if it settler-made cheese" - Thursday 16/04/15
Demonstration: No to expulsion of Palestinian families,Stop the Judiazation of East Jerusalem! - Thursday 25/03/15
Israelis say "Yes" to a Palestinian State - Thursday 12/11/14
End collective punishment in East Jerusalem! - Wednesday 28/10/14