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No garbage disposal in Shuafat! Protest!

Rally on Friday June 12, at 12.00. The Shuafat Refugee Camp Emergency Committee and the Committee Against the Wall invite activists and supporters to a protest at Shuafat Refugee Camp. We will protest against Jerusalem’s Municipality’s prolonged neglect and failure to adequately dispose of the camp's garbage. As we saw ourselves during the solidarity visit earlier this year, the camp is swamped with piles of accumulated garbage which the Municipality does not vacate, saying that the narrow alleys aren't compatible for the access of garbage trucks (which the Municipality is also responsible for solving).

The garbage containers placed along wide central roads are not vacated regularly enough, a violation of the official guidelines specified in the local Municipal contract. The funds allocated to garbage disposal per resident of the camp is only a fifth of those appropriated per citizen in West Jerusalem. The garbage accumulates, some of it burned, in the already crowded camp which creates a severe sanitation problem, health hazard and direct damage to Shuafat residents' quality of life.

The residents of Shuafat are tired of hearing City Hall's empty promises and of the neglect of their quality of life. On Friday the 12th of June at 12:00 we will join them in protest- at the roundabout adjacent to the pedestrian checkpoint at the entrance to Shuafat Refugee Camp. Together with the residents we will make it clear to Mayor Nir Barkat and his colleagues at City Hall: Talk is not enough, now is the time for action! Stop avoiding your responsibilities towards the residents of east Jerusalem! Act to regularize and resolve the efficient disposal of garbage from Shuafat Refugee Camp!

In the beginning of the protest there will be a prayer.

An organized ride will take us from Gan HaPaamon to the camp. We will meet at Gan HaPaamon at 11:15. Whoever wishes to join the Bus Must subscribe in advance.

Contact: Uri Agnon 0544-777-397