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March in Jerusalem: No social justice without an end to the occupation

A march and a demonstration, Jerusalem, March 30, 2015. Gathering at 8.00 pm in Tzion Square, and march outset. Rally at 9.30 pm outside the Old City's New Gate (Kikar Tzahal).

End the occupation! Stop the separation! No to oppression, violence and racism! Yes to freedom and equality!

The lives and fates of over four million men and women in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem are shaped by occupation and separation. Minors arrests; house demolitions; political persecution and the suppression of the right to protest; over 400 administrative detainees; military violence against women; restrictions to the freedom of movement; lands theft; cutting out water supply; sexual harassment in checkpoints; revocation of residency; collective punishment, Total violation of human rights.

After a year in which our public sphere has been flooded by acts of violence, a year which seen a brutal attack on Gaza and a gruesome and bloody war. Yet another year in which occupation continued and racism intensified. Another year in which the security budget and the budget for the settlements grow while the economic situation in Israel has deteriorated.

Especially now, after a new and more racist government has been elected, we all must protest.

Marking 48 year for the 1967 occupation, we say end the occupation. We will stand together to remind the residence of Jerusalem, who face daily threats of eviction, demolition or arrest, that there is a different voice and a different way.

We will stand together, because there is no social justice without ending the occupation.

Transportation: Tel Aviv – Arlozorov train Station Jaffa - Corner of Yefet and Dr. Ehrlich streets 18:00 please register

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Haifa – Migdal Haneviim ( solel boneh) 17:00 Please register 0505733276Yaakov Beer Sheva – depends or registry Yaacov– 0505733276

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