This Week's Message 

Why did Lapid suddenly ramember the two states?

A little more than a year ago

Bennet and Lapid established

The "Government of Change"

And instituted a firm policy:

Not to deal with

The Palestinian issue,

Not to negotiate

And of course not to come

To any agreement.

And so it was, indeed.

During the whole time

Of the government's existence

There were no negotiations.

What definitely did happen

Was ever-increasing

Oppression in the Occupied Territories.

But the Palestinians

did not disappear.

Nor did they wait patiently

For Israel to graciously

Notice their existence.

More and more Palestinians

Took up arms

To resist the raids of

The occupation army

Into their cities and villages.

The death toll continues to mount.

Tensions continue to increase.

By all accounts

The situation is escalating

Towards a big explosion.

And then, suddenly -

Prime Minister Lapid

Makes a huge u-turn

And tells the United Nations

Of his intention to promote

The two-state solution!

But there is a condition:

The Palestinians must

Lay down their arms.

Lay down their arms?

But, if not for the

Palestinian militias

Starting to shoot at

Israeli troops, and

Undermine the stability

Of the occupation rule -

Would Israel’s PM

Have bothered at all

To refer to them

And their problems?