This Week's Message 

God's other promise

Israel was

The first

Middle East country

To obtain

Nuclear arms.

The Israeli

Nuclear program

Started a few years

After the foundation

Of the state

And was

Eminently successful.

After accumulating

A considerable

Nuclear arsenal

Israeli defined

A firm policy:

Not to allow

Any other country

In the region

To obtain

Nuclear weapons.

The Israeli Air Force

Destroyed the

Nuclear programs

Of Iraq and Syria.

The Iranian

Nuclear program

Is widespread

And hidden

Deeply underground.

It is difficult

To move against it


Instead, Israel is

Demanding of

The Americans

And the Europeans,

To exert

All their force

To prevent Iran from

Obtaining nuclear weapons.

At the same time,

Israel expects

The Americans

And the Europeans

To promote

And facilitate

Israel's own

Nuclear program.

For example,

To provide Israel,

At the German

Taxpayers' expense,

With submarines fitted

For launching

Nuclear-tipped missiles,

From mid-ocean.

For several decades

The world has accepted

As an indisputable

Axiom that

Israel and

Israel alone

Is allowed to have

Nuclear weapons

In the Middle East.

Why, in fact?

Did God,

When promising

"The Promised Land"

Also promise the Jews

A nuclear monopoly

In the Middle East?