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The Israelis who score goals and the Israelis who shoot toddlers

The Israelis who score goals and the Israelis who shoot toddlers

Talented young Israeli soccer players have made a string of international achievements completely unprecedented in the annals of Israeli soccer. Under other circumstances, one could have been be happy and proud that Israel achieved a purely civil victory on a sports field, and that this was made possible through a harmonious and highly effective partnership between Jewish and Arab soccer players.

Only that at the same time that these young Israelis were scoring goals at the stadium in Argentina, an Israeli soldier of their age got to the village of Nabi Salah in the West Bank where he shot a bullet straight into the brain of a Palestinian toddler. The army presented only miserable excuses for the killing of the toddler Muhammad Tamimi, and it is clear that there will never be an investigation into the matter and that the soldier who fired the fatal bullet will not be punished. To add insult to injury, the army also invaded the village in the midst of mourning for the toddler and the soldiers brutally beat up many of the mourners.

This week marked the 56th anniversary of the Israeli occupation rule which began on June 5, 1967. To mark this anniversary, thousands of Israeli activists marched in an impressive protest in Tel Aviv, many of them waving Palestinian flags in expression of solidarity with the Palestinians under occupation.

But in the government of Israel, extreme right racists hold many of the top portfolios, and the government is determined to perpetuate, exacerbate and deepen the occupation. And for its part the parliamentary opposition which strives to replace this government does not dare to say a single word about the occupation.

Will the citizens of Israel ever be able to feel joy and pride in their country's sporting achievements, without this pride being mixed with shame and deep disgust about the acts of their government and army?

‘Hamoudi’s gone’: Palestinian village reels after Israeli soldiers kill toddler. After denying responsibility, the IDF admitted its forces shot two-year-old Mohammed Tamimi — the latest Nabi Saleh resident to be killed with impunity.

Article by Oren Ziv on the +972 Magazine