This Week's Message 

Don't be impatient, wait for the Messiach

Messianic nationalist fanatics

Want to take over

The Al Aqsa Mosque,

Expel the Muslims from it,

Institute a sacrifice of young goats

(A barbaric custom

That Judaism abandoned long ago),

And eventually destroy the mosque

And build a Jewish Temple in its place.

Minister Itamar Ben Gavir,

A good friend of these fanatics,

Ordered the Israeli police

To break into the mosque

And forcibly remove

Hundreds of young Muslims

To facilitate the fanatics

Holding there a provocative "visit".

Footage of the violent evacuation

Filled the international media

Causing outrage among the Palestinians

And among all Muslims.

Soon, borders heated up

In the south and the north.

Missiles flew and planes bombed

And air raid alarms sounded

In Gaza and Lebanon and Israel and Syria.

In the Jordan Valley

Young Israeli settler women

Were killed, along with

Their mother.

And in Tel Aviv an Italian tourist

Perished in a conflict

Which was none of his concern.

The Jewish Temple

Which was destroyed

By the Roman legions

In 70 AD

Is firmly rooted

In Jewish consciousness.

But in 2023 AD

The State of Israel,

Its citizens, its government

And also its police

Must unequivocally recognize

That where the Jewish Temple stood

There is today a mosque,

One of the sites most holy

To a billion Muslims

Around the world.

It has been like that

For 1300 years already

And so it will remain

Until the coming of the Messiah.