This Week's Message 

Don't try it again

One year ago

An Israeli government

Was formed

That pledged not to deal

In any way with

The Palestinian issue

And to devote itself

Solely to

Internal issues.

That pledge was

Impossible and ridiculous.

Relations with

The Palestinians

Are an existential issue,

Overshadowing and

Interconnected to all of

Israel's other problems.

There is no possible way

To ignore

The Palestinians.

In fact, the government

Did deal with

The Palestinian issue

Every day during

The year of its existence.

That was the main

Cause of quarrels

In the government

Between Left and Right,

Jews and Arabs.

The Palestinian issue

Was also the main cause

For the disintegration

And breakup

Of the government.

After the coming elections, it will be

Of no use to try

To create another

Such government.

The result will be

The same.