This Week's Message 

An unsatisfactory answer

The Prime Minister

Takes pride

In the fact that

His government

Will not negotiate

With the Palestinians

Under any circumstances,

And certainly not

Make an agreement

With them.

The Foreign Minister

Made it crystal clear

That when he

Becomes Prime Minister,

That policy will

Remain unchanged.

Any Palestinian,

Anywhere and at any time,

Can fall victim to

Arbitrary, sometimes fatal,

Abuse by Israeli soldiers.

Even an 80 year-old grandfather

Is not safe.

The settlers

Are not satisfied

With the army's violence

And add a full measure

Of their own violence.

As far as the government

Is concerned,

This state of affairs

Can and should

Continue indefinitely.

When accused of

Imposing a policy

Of Apartheid,

The Prime Minister

And the Foreign Minister


"Antisemitism! Antisemitism!"

But, truth to tell,

That response

Just rings hollow.