This Week's Message

The Le Pen Law
The French voters
Decisively defeated
Racism and
Nationalist demagoguery

On the very same day
Israel’s government
Approved the
"Nation Law”
In the style of Le Pen. • More...

Whose path?
Bereaved parents
Who seek
No revenge,
Only peace
And reconciliation.

Confronting them:
A violent mob
Consumed by
Blind hatred.

Whose path
Will Israel take? • More...

Marwan Barghouti
Can be
A partner for
Israeli-Palestinian peace
Or a leader
Of the struggle
Against the occupation.

The choice is ours. • More...

Passover in Deir Ballout
On the morning of
The Passover Holiday,
IDF soldiers
Commemorated the
Liberation from Slavery
By cutting down
18 Olive trees
At Deir Ballout.

Chag Sameach! • More...

On deaf ears
The Arab Summit offers
“A historic reconciliation
With Israel”.

Hamas accepts
The 1967 borders.

Trump considers calling
A peace conference.

Netanyahu hopes
It’s all fake news. • More...

Walking towards peace
The occupation
Is 50 years old!

Tomorrow evening
We march in Jerusalem
For peace with
The Palestinians,
Jerusalem city of peace,
Capital of two states. • More...

In order to avoid
Being accused
Of Apartheid,

It might be
A good idea,
To stop squeezing
The Palestinians
Into enclaves

Which look like
Bantustans. • More...

How not to help the BDS?
Banning entry to
Boycott supporters
Is a great help
To the BDS.

How to stop people
Boycotting Israel?
government policies! • More...

Losing hope
In 2011,
Basil al-Araj
Participated in
Non-violent protests
Against the occupation,
Inspired by
Martin Luther King.

This week, soldiers
Broke into his home
And killed
The “wanted terrorist”. • More...

The next war
It is important
To investigate
The failures of
The last war.

It is even
More important
To prevent
The next war. • More...

No regret - no pardon
Has not admitted
That he has
Committed a crime
And has not

He does not
A pardon. • More...

The only alternative
President Rivlin
Proposes to annex
The Occupied
And grant the vote
To the millions
Of Palestinians.

He presents to us
The only alternative
To the
Two States Solution. • More...

For everybody to see
While the Knesset
Legalized the
Robbery of land
For everybody to see,

The Prime Minister
Toured the world,
Complaining about
The revelations of
“Breaking the Silence”. • More...

Smoke screen Amona
The evacuation
Of Amona
Is catching
The headlines.

Thousands of
New houses
In the settlements
Will continue
To destroy
Our future. • More...

Is offering
The Palestinians
A “state minus”.

What will we
Get in return?
A “peace minus”,
Of course. • More...

Escalation in the Negev
Erasing Bedouin Al-Hiran
To make place
For a Jewish Hiran
Has already cost
Two lives.

With Trump
In the White House,
Expect more. • More...

To kill and be killed
Go to Paris!

So that
Our young
Will not have
To go on
Killing and
Being killed! • More...

The soldier
Elor Azaria
Is only
A junior

The main criminal
Is the occupation. • More...

Limitations of quarreling
It is possible
To have
A noisy quarrel
With all the world.

It is not possible
To convince
The world
That settlements
Are legal. • More...

For a change
Herzog and Lapid
Did the right thing
Preventing a
Kangaroo court
For the
Summary expulsion
Of Knesset Members. • More...

Zero apologies
Summing up
After three weeks:

Fires throughout
The country:

Suspects charged
With arson:

Apologies from
Those who blamed
“The Arabs”:
Zero! • More...

Grab as grab can
The Knesset resolved
By majority vote:
Jews are permitted
To take
What belongs
To Arabs.

Why not let
Everybody grab
Whatever they can?
The Knesset will
Rubberstamp it. • More...

While the fires
Were raging
It was cheap
To blame
“The Arabs”.

But now that victims
Claim compensations,
It is cheaper
To discover that
It was "negligence”. • More...

The submarines of all things
Netanyahu built settlements,
Perpetuated occupation -
And was re-elected.

Enriched the rich,
Made the poor poorer -
And was elected once again.

Will the submarines
Finally sink him? • More...

No whitewash
Not only

All settlements
Are illegal.

No “Legalization bill”
Could possibly
Whitewash them. • More...

Netanyahu declared:
Trump is a
Friend of Israel!

The question is:
Whose friend
Is Netanyahu? • More...

Wishing the
American voters
And determination
Next Tuesday.
A Trump presidency
Would be
A disaster
To the world.
Not just
To America. • More...

A Simple Story
The minister
Threatened to
Cut the budget.
The theater
The actors
Will perform
In Kiryat Arba.
Baruch Goldstein
Is laughing
In his grave. • More...

Speaking in America
“Why did B’tselem’s El-Ad
Have to speak
At the UN in New York,
Instead of here in Israel?”

So cried out the PM.
The same one who insisted
On addressing the Congress
In Washington. • More...

What exactly breaks the quiet?
The Police
“The Jerusalem attack
Was designed
To break the quiet
Of the Jewish Holiday.”

Yes, an occupation
Lasting 50 years
Inevitably breaks
The quiet
Of all who live
In this... • More...