This Week's Message

Bigger corruption

The biggest
Of all
Is the occupation! • More...

Of bribes and war
A Prime Minister
Suspected of
Taking bribes
Amounting to
A million Shekels.

Such a Prime Minister
May well
Drag us
Into war. • More...

The price
Trump destroyed
All hope
(And the budget

Netanyahu cheered

The price is
Bloodshed. • More...

History nationalized
The Polish government
Energetically enacts
Anti-democratic laws
And tries to rewrite
Its country’s history.

And the government
Of Israel? • More...

Cursed be

The one



Refugees! • More...

Patience exhausted
Abu Mazen despaired
Of finding
An Israeli partner
For peace,
Or a fair
American mediator.

There will never be
A more moderate
Or more patient
Palestinian leader. • More...

A waste of money
Hundreds of millions
To fight against
“Delegitimisation of Israel”
Are totally wasted
When, day by day,
Government policies
Give Israel
A bad name. • More...

Under duress
Trump tries
To force
The Palestinians
To talk with Netanyahu.

That is ridiculous.
Imposed negotiations
Under blunt threats
Can have no value. • More...

Dangerous indeed
“A 16 year old girl
With no weapons
Other than bare hands.
Still, she might pose
A danger”, said the
Military judge who
Sent her to detention.

He is right.
She dangerously
The occupation. • More...

Slap in the face
How should
IDF soldiers
Act towards
Palestinian girls
In the fields of
Nabi Saleh?

Very simple.
The soldiers
Should not
Be there. • More...

Shopping in Umm el Fahm
Simply buying
Tomatoes in
Umm el Fahm
Became this week
An act of true
Israeli patriotism. • More...

Who will laugh last?
Trump put an end
To 40 years of
American mediation
In our region.

Who will fill
The vacuum?

Who will
Laugh last? • More...

The only dance in town
70 years after
The resolution
Which made us
Dance in the streets,
Partition into
Two states
Is still the
Only solution. • More...

To be a Jew
Avi Gabbay
Has forgotten
What it means
To be a Jew.

He does not remember
Jewish refugees
Desperately seeking
Asylum. • More...

Quiet in Jerusalem
Nir Barkat, Mayor of
"United Jerusalem",
Asked the army
To blow up
High rise buildings
And completely raze
A Palestinian neighborhood.

He deserves the
Israel Prize for Pyromania. • More...

Celebrating and not implementing
The Balfour Declaration
Does not refer to
The national rights of
“Non-Jewish communities”,
Only to civil and
religious rights.
But even these
The state of Israel
Denies to the Palestinians. • More...

On the square
Yitzhak Rabin
Paid with his life
For seeking peace
With the Palestinians.

Tomorrow night we will
Honor his memory
On the square where
He was murdered. • More...

Who is afraid of American Jews?
Netanyahu will not
Attend the conference of
American Jews.

For the first time,
An Israeli PM
Is afraid of
Being greeted there
With hissing and booing. • More...

Not bad at all
The Palestinians
Israel! • More...

I shall build
3800 houses
In the settlements

(If I don't
Go to prison
Before.) • More...

Time for Independence
After the Kurds
And the Catalans –

What about
The plebiscite of the Palestinians? • More...

Thoughts on the Day of Atonement
A government which
“Celebrates” fifty years
Of occupation and settlement

Is leading us to
Another fifty years
Of hatred and bloodshed. • More...

Happy New Year!
A year of surprises,
When we can expect
The Unexpected! • More...

Nearer to us
Netanyahu proclaims
The right of the Kurds
To an independent state.

To the PM’s attention:
There is another people
Living nearer to us
Who deserve it no less! • More...

Who cares?
An 80 years old
Palestinian woman
Was thrown
Into the street
In favor of

Who cares
What's happening in
Jerusalem? • More...

Netanyahu: “I will not
Remove any settlement,
Or evacuate any territory!

Send no mediators!
Forget about peace talks!

The Netanyahu legacy:
"War forever!” • More...

Thou shalt steal
3445 settler houses
Were built on
Private land, stolen
From Palestinians
In the occupied

The government
Wants to legalize
All of them. • More...

Sheikh Raed Salah
Quotes the Koran
In a political context.
He was detained.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu
Quotes the Bible
In a political context.
He gets a salary
From the state
treasury. • More...

Wanted: scapegoat
Netanyahu is
In trouble.
Police investigators
Are closing in.

What to do?

Close down
Al-Jazeera! • More...

Thou shalt not be photographed
The military court
Ruled clearly:
It is forbidden
To kill a person
Who does not
Pose a threat.

(And particularly,
Don’t do it
In front of cameras.) • More...