This Week's Message

What do they want to know?
The Shabak security
Did not like
The literary works of
Palestinian writer
Lama Khater.

Already for three weeks
She is interrogated
Up to 20 hours per day,
Her hands and legs
Handcuffed to the chair. • More...

It can be prevented
The next Gaza war
Will leave many new
Bereaved families
On both sides
Of the border.

It can still
Be prevented. • More...

No "Hasbara" budget
Will be big enough
To undo the
Caused by
The "Nationality Bill".

Get rid of it!
NOW! • More...

Only the beginning
Excluding the Arabs
Is only the beginning.
Peace activists and
Conservative Rabbis
And American Jews
Are all to follow… • More...

The state of all Israelis

Is the state

Of all Israelis,

The Hebrew speakers

And the Arabic speakers. • More...

Khan El Ahmar still stands
Khan El Ahmar
And its school,
The village’s pride,
Still stand.

Thanks to
People who care,
In Israel and abroad.

Foremost, thanks
To the villagers'
Persistence. • More...

Two kinds of news
Front page news:
IDF supplied tents
To Syrian refugees.

IDF snipers killing
A 14 years old
At the Gaza border:
News fit for
The bottom
Of inner pages. • More...

The whole world
Prince William:
"East Jerusalem
Is Occupied
Palestinian Territory”.

This is not just
His personal opinion.
The whole world
Is saying so
Since 1967. • More...

Something to hide
A law to forbid
Taking photos
Of IDF soldiers
Is an official, formal
Statement by
The State of Israel:
“We have
Something to hide!” • More...

Gaza's despair
After three hours
Of deliberations on
The man-made
Crisis in Gaza,
The government
Decided to do…

And Southern Israel
Is left to swallow
Gaza's despair. • More...

Limitations of power
The strongest army
In the region
Stumbles over kites.

If you kill a medic
Who tends the wounded,
You will not see Messi
Playing football. • More...

Also with Hamas?
We tried it all:
A suffocating siege.
Killing unarmed protesters.
Missiles and bombings.

So, what is left?
To make peace!
Also with Hamas?
Yes, also with Hamas! • More...

Drawing the line
Systematic killing
On the Gaza Border
And police rampage
In the Haifa streets
There is
A single straight line. • More...

As simple as that



KILL! • More...

The tale of two embassies
Standing on
One leg
Might end
With falling

Embassy to Israel –
In West Jerusalem.
Embassy to Palestine –
In East Jerusalem. • More...

What to do?
The police investigators
Are coming near!

What to do?

1) Fire the police chief.
2) Elections.
3) War with Iran.
4) All of the Above. • More...

The minister and the movie star
Natalie Portman's
Refusal to shake
Netanyahu’s hand
Verges on anti-Semitism.
So said Minister Steinitz.

If that is so, then
There are in Israel
Quite a lot of
Anti-Semites. • More...

Netanyahu might
Soon face judges
To answer
Criminal charges.

Now he is striving
To undermine
The Supreme Court.

Coincidence? • More...

70 hours of... shame
Minister Regev
70 hours of
National Pride
Celebrations, for
Independence Day.

It won't
Drown out
The shame
Of the
Gaza border. • More...

Beyond doubt
In between
Police interrogations,
Netanyahu ordered
Shooting at thousands
Of demonstrators, killing 17,
Cancelled a mass deportation,
Cancelled the cancellation,
And proved beyond doubt
That he... • More...

Why is this night different?
On other nights
We send soldiers
To raid villages
And take youngsters
To interrogation.

This night
We celebrate the
Festival of Freedom. • More...

11 years after,
As now revealed,
A big operation
Against a Syrian
Nuclear pile,
The army is now
Feverishly preparing for
Unarmed Palestinians
Marching en masse
To the Gaza border. • More...

The shame goes on
No elections!
The most right-wing
Government ever
Stays on.

So will the investigations,
The deportations,
The occupation,
The 70-years celebration. • More...

The Trump
Peace plan?

There will be
There is
Nothing. • More...

A little gift
A provocative

Just a little gift
To a friend
In trouble. • More...

Bigger corruption

The biggest
Of all
Is the occupation! • More...

Of bribes and war
A Prime Minister
Suspected of
Taking bribes
Amounting to
A million Shekels.

Such a Prime Minister
May well
Drag us
Into war. • More...

The price
Trump destroyed
All hope
(And the budget

Netanyahu cheered

The price is
Bloodshed. • More...

History nationalized
The Polish government
Energetically enacts
Anti-democratic laws
And tries to rewrite
Its country’s history.

And the government
Of Israel? • More...

Cursed be

The one



Refugees! • More...