This Week's Message

Limitations of power
The strongest army
In the region
Stumbles over kites.

If you kill a medic
Who tends the wounded,
You will not see Messi
Playing football. • More...

Also with Hamas?
We tried it all:
A suffocating siege.
Killing unarmed protesters.
Missiles and bombings.

So, what is left?
To make peace!
Also with Hamas?
Yes, also with Hamas! • More...

Drawing the line
Systematic killing
On the Gaza Border
And police rampage
In the Haifa streets
There is
A single straight line. • More...

As simple as that



KILL! • More...

The tale of two embassies
Standing on
One leg
Might end
With falling

Embassy to Israel –
In West Jerusalem.
Embassy to Palestine –
In East Jerusalem. • More...

What to do?
The police investigators
Are coming near!

What to do?

1) Fire the police chief.
2) Elections.
3) War with Iran.
4) All of the Above. • More...

The minister and the movie star
Natalie Portman's
Refusal to shake
Netanyahu’s hand
Verges on anti-Semitism.
So said Minister Steinitz.

If that is so, then
There are in Israel
Quite a lot of
Anti-Semites. • More...

Netanyahu might
Soon face judges
To answer
Criminal charges.

Now he is striving
To undermine
The Supreme Court.

Coincidence? • More...

70 hours of... shame
Minister Regev
70 hours of
National Pride
Celebrations, for
Independence Day.

It won't
Drown out
The shame
Of the
Gaza border. • More...

Beyond doubt
In between
Police interrogations,
Netanyahu ordered
Shooting at thousands
Of demonstrators, killing 17,
Cancelled a mass deportation,
Cancelled the cancellation,
And proved beyond doubt
That he... • More...

Why is this night different?
On other nights
We send soldiers
To raid villages
And take youngsters
To interrogation.

This night
We celebrate the
Festival of Freedom. • More...

11 years after,
As now revealed,
A big operation
Against a Syrian
Nuclear pile,
The army is now
Feverishly preparing for
Unarmed Palestinians
Marching en masse
To the Gaza border. • More...

The shame goes on
No elections!
The most right-wing
Government ever
Stays on.

So will the investigations,
The deportations,
The occupation,
The 70-years celebration. • More...

The Trump
Peace plan?

There will be
There is
Nothing. • More...

A little gift
A provocative

Just a little gift
To a friend
In trouble. • More...

Bigger corruption

The biggest
Of all
Is the occupation! • More...

Of bribes and war
A Prime Minister
Suspected of
Taking bribes
Amounting to
A million Shekels.

Such a Prime Minister
May well
Drag us
Into war. • More...

The price
Trump destroyed
All hope
(And the budget

Netanyahu cheered

The price is
Bloodshed. • More...

History nationalized
The Polish government
Energetically enacts
Anti-democratic laws
And tries to rewrite
Its country’s history.

And the government
Of Israel? • More...

Cursed be

The one



Refugees! • More...

Patience exhausted
Abu Mazen despaired
Of finding
An Israeli partner
For peace,
Or a fair
American mediator.

There will never be
A more moderate
Or more patient
Palestinian leader. • More...

A waste of money
Hundreds of millions
To fight against
“Delegitimisation of Israel”
Are totally wasted
When, day by day,
Government policies
Give Israel
A bad name. • More...

Under duress
Trump tries
To force
The Palestinians
To talk with Netanyahu.

That is ridiculous.
Imposed negotiations
Under blunt threats
Can have no value. • More...

Dangerous indeed
“A 16 year old girl
With no weapons
Other than bare hands.
Still, she might pose
A danger”, said the
Military judge who
Sent her to detention.

He is right.
She dangerously
The occupation. • More...

Slap in the face
How should
IDF soldiers
Act towards
Palestinian girls
In the fields of
Nabi Saleh?

Very simple.
The soldiers
Should not
Be there. • More...

Shopping in Umm el Fahm
Simply buying
Tomatoes in
Umm el Fahm
Became this week
An act of true
Israeli patriotism. • More...

Who will laugh last?
Trump put an end
To 40 years of
American mediation
In our region.

Who will fill
The vacuum?

Who will
Laugh last? • More...

The only dance in town
70 years after
The resolution
Which made us
Dance in the streets,
Partition into
Two states
Is still the
Only solution. • More...

To be a Jew
Avi Gabbay
Has forgotten
What it means
To be a Jew.

He does not remember
Jewish refugees
Desperately seeking
Asylum. • More...

Quiet in Jerusalem
Nir Barkat, Mayor of
"United Jerusalem",
Asked the army
To blow up
High rise buildings
And completely raze
A Palestinian neighborhood.

He deserves the
Israel Prize for Pyromania. • More...