This Week's Message 

What has changed in this war?

After 11 days
Of death and destruction,
Does the government of Israel
Intend to fundamentally change
Its policy in the Gaza Strip?
There is no sign of
Any such intention.

The Israeli siege will continue
To stifle the Gaza Strip economy.
Two million people will continue
To live in terrible poverty.

From the moment of ceasefire
The countdown began
Towards the next round.

Taxpayers in the West
Will be asked to donate
Billions of Dollars and Euros
To rebuild homes that
In a few years
Will be destroyd again
By Israeli planes.

But one thing has changed:
The scenes from Gaza
Which flooded TV and social media
Have eroded Israel's image
In the world, more deeply
Than at any previous time.

More and more young Jews are saying:
"If this is the State of The Jews,
We want no part in it".

On the Senate podium in Washington,
A new tune was heard:
"Palestinian lives matter, too".

We should prepare.
From now on,
We will often
Hear these words.

May 25, 2021