This Week's Message 

A debt to the future

Itzik Saidian was
Sent by the State of Israel
To fight in the Sajaiya refugee camp.

He shot and killed residents of the camp,
Saw several of his comrades being killed,
Came back with battle shock.

The State of Israel has
A debt from the past:
To provide adequately for all
Who were sent to fight
And returned injured in body or mind.

There is also a debt
Towards the future:
To spare young Israelis
From having to kill and be killed.

To achieve this
It is not enough to sign
A normalization agreement
With the Emirates
And have direct flights
To Abu Dhabi.

We must end
The occupation of
The West Bank
And the siege of Gaza,
Reach peace with the Palestinians,
Find an end to the conflict that
Has already lasted
More than a hundred years.