This Week's Message 

Balfour Declaration in 1917, Palestinian Human Rights in 2021

This week

104 years ago

The British government

Issued the Balfour Declaration

And voiced its support for

A National Home

For the Jewish people.

In the final years of

The British Mandate

The Zionist Movement

Accused Britain

Of no longer keeping

Its commitments

Under the

Balfour Declaration.

As far as the Zionists

Were concerned,

That was sufficient justification

For taking up arms,

Embarking on a rebellion

And killing hundreds

Of British soldiers and police.

However, the Balfour Declaration

Included a clear caveat:

The establishment of the

"National Home" was

Made conditional on

Protecting the rights of

The "Non-Jewish Communities,"

Meaning the Arab inhabitants

Of Palestine.

Can even the most

Enthusiastic Zionist

Seriously claim that

The State of Israel,

The "National Homel",

Has met and is meeting

That condition

Set out in

The Balfour Declaration?