This Week's Message 

Absolutely no political process! But what would come instead?

Immediately after

Forming the

New Israeli government,

Prime Minister Bennet

And Foreign Minister Lapid

Announced that they

Would not conduct

Any political process

With the Palestinians.

Any attempt to do so

Might anger

The right-wing parties

In the government coalition!

The "government of change"

Was formed to deal with

The Corona pandemic,

With the high housing prices,

And other important issues.

It is certainly capable of

Conducting political processes

With Arab countries that are

Thousands of kilometers away

And of inviting their representatives

To historic Summits.

But the Palestinians?

No way!

Is there now any room

For second thoughts

On this issue?

No! Absolutely not!

The bloody conflict

Is brutally rising again

On the streets

Of Israel's cities.

Is a terrible time

such as this

The right time

To make an effort

To achieve peace

And put an end

To the bloodshed?

Of course not!

What an absurd idea!