This Week's Message 

He Goes to Moscow - But Absolutely Not to Ramallah

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet

Undertook to mediate in the war between

Russia and Ukraine.

"The chances For success are slim"

Bennet said upon his return from Moscow,

"But if there is even the slightest chance

Of saving human lives, then it is

Our moral duty."

Naftali Bennet feels no moral duty

To make a diplomatic effort

Towards ending the bloody conflict

With the Palestinians, in which

The state he heads is mired.

Bennet flew to Moscow,

But under no circumstances

Will he travel to Ramallah.

On the day that Bennet

Returned from his mediation mission,

Israeli police and soldiers

Killed two Palestinian youths,

One aged 19, The other aged 16.

The media reported briefly:

"Two more terrorists have been eliminated!"

The same as last week and as next week.