This Week's Message 

Please wait patiently! Where's the fire?

The Army

And Security Service

Warned that

"The ground is burning"

And an escalation

Was expected

Towards the

Muslim Holy Month

Of Ramadan.

In fact,

The escalation

Came even

Before Ramadan.

So, what to do?

First, demand that

The Arab public leaders

Issue a condemnation.

Indeed, a sharp condemnation

Of the Be'er Sheba killings

Was duly issued.

Second, continue with

Measures that

Have been

Tried and tested.

Continue to

Demolish homes

In East Jerusalem,

On the West Bank

And at the "unrecognized"

Bedouin villages

In the Negev.

Continue to

Kill Palestinians,

Some of them teenagers,

And declare that

"They were terrorists!"

Continue to turn

A blind eye

When settlers uproot

Olive trees

And take over

Palestinian lands.

And most importantly:

Continue to

Politely ask

The Palestinians

To wait patiently

Until the Israeli government

Solves its inter-party

Coalition problems

And agrees to

Conduct some kind

Of negotiations

On some sort

Of political arrangement.

Please wait patiently!

Where's the fire?