This Week's Message 

Yes, Palestinians have a flag!

There were times when

The police and the army

Would assault anyone who

Raised a Palestinian flag

And charge them with

"Identifying with

A terrorist organization."

It appeared that

The Oslo Agreements

Put an end to

The hunting if flags.

The red-green-black-white flag

Became the flag of

The Palestinian National Authority,

Which signed an agreement

With Israel.

On at least one occasion

It flew at

The Prime Minister's residence

In Jerusalem

During an official visit

By a Palestinian representative.

However, in recent months

The hunting of flags

Was renewed and intensified.

The Jerusalem police

Attacked a funeral

In front of

TV cameras

From around the world,

Simply because

The Palestinian flag

Was raised there.

The army that

Constantly complains about

A lack of personnel

Allocated soldiers

To accompany settlers

To cities and villages

In the Occupied Territories,

To climb poles and

Remove Palestinian flags.

Yet just at

This kind of time,

Beersheba University decided

To allow a demonstration of

Arab students

At which

Palestinian flag

Was raised.

Even when

The mayor of Beersheba

Aroused against them

A flood of

Crude nationalist incitement,

The heads of the university

Were undeterred and

Reiterated their position:

Raising the Palestinian flag

On campus

Is a legitimate part

Of the Freedom of Expression

Which the students fully deserve.

That kind

Of civil courage

Is all too rare

In 2022 Israel.