Kawther Salam's Diary 

Hell Made in Israel (24/6/02)

The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

Is there any human morals and values under the military occupation?? why the IDF leaders imposed such restrictions on the press free movement, denying journalists the right to eneter Nablus, Tulkarem, Khalkiliya and Jenin??

The IDF human morals based on dictatorism, force, lies and spreading false rumors, and while there is no justice in the International media, and while the Israeli propaganda and the zionest lobby is working well the world, and while the Americian foreign policy continued supporting Israel, trying to chang the facts behind the conflict in the Middle East, the world will continue believes, that the occupation reinstated the Palestinians cities under the pretext of fighting terrorism!!

The fact,that the Israelis wants to continue occuping the West Bank and the Jewish settlement expansion on the Palestinians lands. They wants to continue protecting the Palestinians stolen lands, by the military force!! They wants to control the water and the natueral resources in the territories,...but the don't want the Palestinians.

150000 residents of Nablus are forced to live under the collective punshment of curfew in their homes like the other Palestinians cities, (Tulkarm, Khalkhiliya and Jenin) since the last Friday 20th, June 2002.

The Israeli tanks, and the armoured vehicles have vandalized the streets infrastructure of all the cities, causing other damages to the electricity cables and cutting the water pipes. The IDF soldiers have taken permanent position on the top high buildings, forcing the residents to ramain in one apartment of the building!!

Mr. Nazeeh Abu Mostafa from Nablus, he is an engineer said, " on Friday 5am, the IDF soldiers broke in our building, they ordererd all the men to get out of their homes, for over than two hours, the IDF soldiers were searching our houses while we were in the street, they damaged every thing under security pretext. The IDF soldiers decided to occupy three apartments in our building and to expeld the owners out. I was one of them.

The soldiers asked me to collect in 20 minutes my family and to leave my flat. My two kids three and two years were crying, my furniture was upside down and damaged, over 30 sodier were pointed there guns at me. I stopped with my family in front of them, I asked to shoot me, after that, they can occupied my house, It's better more than to expeld me in the street!!

I told them I'm an engineer not a terrorist,and this is my house and not a military launcher. I am living in Nablus not in Tel-Aviv, and you should return to your house in israel!! So what are you doing in Nablus, in my homeland??!!

The soldiers said, go and say this to Sharon and Arafat, but we are here as soldiers, and we have a mission in this house!! I asked what mission that's bring you from Israel to Nablus? Look, we are human beings here, we are not terrorists!! 15 minuts were over, you just have five minuts to get out, the soliers said!!

My kids were crying, they occupation frightened them for three times since the last three months when they were occupied my house and expelded us in the street. My throat became dry. The IDF soldiers were damaged every thing in my house, the war equipment were placed my kids beds..., This is the occupation, values and moral and culture!!

The first time the IDF soldiers were occupied my house, They were damaged the toilet button, they left their shit in my bed room, they used my sheets to clean their shit, even the animals were civilized more than the IDF soldiers??

Abu Mostafa said, the occupation armoured vehicles had cut the electricity wire at night yesterday, At the same moments the soldiers attacks all the families in the same building, they accused them of that. they were shooting for one hour as a result of this event!!

The slodiers orderd all the families they live in 'Al-Aldabbik' building to continue closing their doors and the windows 24 hours since the last Friday, even the garbage the are not allowed to take it out. In Nablus, their is 35 building occupied by the IDF soldiers under the same conditions!!