Kawther Salam's Diary 

Hell Made in Israel (12/6/02)

The Daily life of Kawther Salam

12'30, I made my tour in Hebron under the occupation. Nowadays there is no area H1, under the palestinian authority, all of the city under the occupation.

I was walking in the streets,I'm just curious to look toward the military posts and watsh what's going on, it's nearly empty streets, just few of old men sitting under the shade!!The streets still divided to 'Getos', a small isolated cells in all over the city.

900 meters the longitudinal of Al-Shallaleh street divided with barbed wire for three areas, 'H1' is 200 meters and the Palestinians are allow to walk and work in after the curfew is lifted!! Area'H2'is 'Prohibited Area', it's 400 meters and no body allow to work or access!! Area'H3'is 300 meters and the Palestinians allow to access through 200 meter while the recent

0f 100 meters is a military post and the Palestinians are not allowed to access!!

This funy division came after the military commander 'Dror Wienberg' decided to make the Palestinians life easy after they lived over 500 days under the collective punishment of curfew!!

This is the ameliorate steps which has taken by Colonel Dror wienberg to make the Palestinians life more easly in Hebron under the protocol of " Melioism " of the IDF soldiers??!! This is what the israeli media used to talked about it for three days in the news!!

All the streets of the city of Hebron are divided in this way and more?? I was walking in the part 'H3' of Al-Shallaleh street while the IDF soldiers were detained the Pr. of Beir Ziet University and his brother near Beit Romano, the 'Yoshiva' Jewish school, and while the sreets always full of Palestinians under the IDF arrest or detaintion, I stopped taking care any more of this issue any more, but when I identified the Pr. Mahmoud, I stopped for interviewing him.

The Israeli soldiers were listening to our talk, one of them identified me and he lifted the place, the other soldier asked the Pr. to help him to translate for me his Questions. The soldier said, " I used to see this women insome diffrenet places, who is she " ? and when I answered him in English he said that he can't understand English or Arabic, and he speak just little Hebrow?!

I asked the soldier,from where he came?? He said form " Athupia " !! The Israeli government send the Athupian, Rushan and the criminals to serve in the West Bank and protecting the settlers from the US and other countries!!