Kawther Salam's Diary 

Hell Made in Israel (15/6/02)

The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

Dose Israel security based on naked young girls in Hebron?? Doese the IDF soldiers allowed to naked women in the streets?? In all over the world, the International law didn't allow the soldiers and the Policemen to naked women by themselves in the streets, this is sexual harassment. All the rights for women preserved to refuse such ordered like this. In such cases and for security reasons the soldier should call the policewomen to search the women in the right way and place.

Ashwaq Yosef Al-Atrash 14 years old and her sister Wal'a, 15 years old were arrested by the Israeli Border Police in Hebron on Wednsday 12th, June 2002 as a result of refusing taking off their clothes in the public street!! they accused of disobeying the mililitary orders!! The soldiers searched all the things were carried by the two young girls, but they didn't find any thing with them.

The soldiers orderd the young girls to take off their clothes in the public Street of Al-Sahleh near the vegetable market in the old city. but the two sisters refused strongly. The soldiers used the force. They beated up the young sisters by using the end of their guns while the other soldiers started taking off the young girls clothes!!

Soft hands war faced by the military force, Ashwaq colapsed and felt on the floor with serious pleeding in her back, the other young girl continued fighting the soldiers through traying to keep on her clothes!!

The soldiers called the police to make arrest on booth minors after Ashwaq colapsed!! The police took the booth minors under investigating 24 hours, the sisters accuse of disobeying the military orderd and attaking the soldiers!!

Under the military low there is no values, the soliers can did any thing and say some thing else, no body can ask them!! this is the military law!!

The police fined the two minors of 600000 Sheqel, and 500000 sheqel uless helding the military court for them on 1st, Sep. 2002!! In Israel there is no law protecting the minors the dults the journalists or any one. This is the law ofthe occupation.