Kawther Salam's Diary 

Hell Made in Israel (14/6/02)

The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

Why the Israeli intelligence was looking for me between the 8th,-14th, Jan. 2002? Dose the Israeli intelligence still looking for me? Why they lifted the massage under my Id Nu. that I'm wantewd? I never investigated by the Israeli intelligence, but I wrote alot about the crazy way they still investigating the Palestinians.

I wrote how the intelligence Shabak are the most ugly people in the Israel society, and no body like them. My friends told alot about their suffur because of " Amnon Obik " the Shabak officer who lived in their neighborhood in " Kfar Tavour " . When the thief stole one of the houses in the area at the midd of night, all the neighbors wake up and helped to catch the thief, just " Amnon Obic " was looking through the window behind the curtian!!

THe wife of Amnon Obik continue hiding her self behind the closed doors, she never say 'Hi' or reply when her neighbors say 'Hi' to her!! She refuse to build human relationships with her neighbors.

They said, " it's very difficult to live in the neighborhood of somebody working with the intelligence Shabak, your life will be more complicated, you always be under stress as a result of their ugly behaviors!! Really we don't want any thing from them, all what we need, just to behave and deal with us like the human biengs when some body say to them 'Hi' or aske them for a help in his daily life, we don't think that, there is any connection between the work of theis people in the Shabak and helping others when they ask them about a glass of water a lemon or anything else. The neighbors always needs each others " !!

I wrote many things about the Shabak as a journalist, I critcized them a lot, the way they humiliating and violating the human rights, the way they are using the people needs in order to be spys. How many bad and terrible story I heard and wrote about the Shabak, more than I care to remember!!

Yesterday, I heard the Shabak is looking for me. Maybe they wants to talk about my hove stories, or to make a threat on me to publish it, how much silly the Shabak is??!! And how much I'm willing to know how they are thinking. Really I'm willing to add some pages in my diary before the Israeli agencys publishing it in a book.