Kawther Salam's Diary 

Hell Made in Israel (19/6/02)

The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

Daily I receive alot of support letters, that will be part of my diary in a book, in the next closed future, at the end of this year.

Today, Mr. Haim Guivon from Haifa, send me a letter that helped me to stop crying for a while after I heard the explosion news in Jerusalem.

All of killing news, made me cry, whether of killing Palestinians or Israelis, I believe, killing is killing, and both of us Palestinians and Israelis, paied the price of the presence of the Jewish settlents and the occupation in the West Bank.

I'm sorry for killing all the inoccent civilians, I'm sorry for allowing racist people to lead our societies. I'm sorry for all the Israelis they send me sorrow letters, and the last one was from Mr. Haim Guvion, and this is part of his letter;

Subject: Love


I am so sorry, Ms. Kawther. I've seen your page as a link of Gush Shalom's, of which I am a member. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Ashamed, ashamed, ashamed.

I love you and your people, and I will go on till my last day, I am 72 years old, doing the very little that I can for justice, respect of human dignity, and combating the intolerable racism, the religious fundamentalism of my people and the ruthless exploitation and humiliation of yours.

I write this several hours after the bus explosion in jerusalem. Nothing can change my feeling of shame andrage for what we are doing to you,people. I am sorry I don't speakArabic (another shame of mine), although I've learned spoken Arabic for one year. not enough, unfortunately. Our teacher was a wonderful man from sakhnin, but he had to discontinue the lessons for personalreasons...

Feel free to ask me for anything you consider to be in the frame of my possibilities.