Kawther Salam's Diary 

Hell Made in Israel (17/6/02)

The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

I was talking with him about my departure, and he was talking with me about his heart I just steal away!! I was talking with him about the injustice,and he was talking with me about love!! I was trying to hid my tearful eyes, and he was changing musice to make me relax!! He tried to make me laugh, and I was crying!! He tyied to hug me, but I was in deep pain!!

No place for love and for the human relationships in Israel!! 'Israel' is the State of 'War'!! 'Love' is accusation!! Human relationships is a terror action!!

Hate is the only thing that the people should express it!! Palestinians deserved just death!! The Israelis, talking just about the 'Holy " Jewish, that should leave alone!!

The Israeli State president 'Mosheh Kassab " said once, " I wonder if the Palestinians are human beings or they came from another planet " !!

The Palestinians talked about revenge about " AL-Shahed " , the " Paradise " !! The extreme people are growing up!! It's the lost time, our life is valueless!! And human beings without human rights!!

In such terrible situation I lived, I obliged to deny my self all as a human being. I should live without heart, I should enjoy watshing blood, writing and reporting about it!! This is not life, It's " Hell " made under the Israel.