Kawther Salam's Diary 

Hell Made in Israel (13/6/02)

The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

Today I phoned the office of General 'Dov Todsika' in Beit Il, I talked with him personaly about the possibillity of using the Ben Gorion airport. The General was very polite and helpful through talking with me, he promised to help and he asked me to send fax icluding further informations about my Id nu, passport...

After couple of hours, Mr, Ban from the office of the General phoned me, he said that he start working on my permit issue, he said he will phone very soon.

After half an hour, Mr. Ban phone me again, he said, " the intelligence Shabak was looking for me between 8- 14 Jan. 2002. He said, the police either were looking for investigating me in such a copmplaint I made before. He advised me not by the travel ticket unless he check this issue with booth of the police and the intelligence.

Mr. ban was very polite with me too, he asked me how I entered Israel under the closure all the ways between the West Bank and Israel, he said maybe the police is looking for me because of that, and maybe the intelligence wants to know something from me as a journalist!! I told Mr. Ban about the way I entered Israel, and about my refusing to meet the intelligence or dealing with them. I talked with him about the " Truama " caused to me by the IDF soldiers, and how I became homeless in the streets in front of my house. Mr. Ban promised to come back to me next week!!