Kawther Salam's Diary 

Hell Made in Israel (22/6/02)

The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

Noone believe how Romi and her friend Mekhal (the same age of her), decieded togather to teach me a swimming lesson. They were playing togather when they called me to help them sewing toys clothes, and I did. After that they asked me, " do you want to come with us to the sea? I said, yes sure.

The two young girls start negotiated their mothers to go to the sea, after long negotiation, they maneged to take me to Romi's cousin swimming pool in " Hertzelia " .

It was the first swimming lesson I receive in my life, and a difficult one too. Romi and Mekhal are professional swimmers. They asked me to stand in the pool, they said, " please look and watch what we are doing first. I was in the middle of them.

The first exercise, Romi said, " twice you have to make deep inhalation, and the third time you should close your mouth and immerse in the pool, geting out of it very slowly with exhalation " . I didn't success at the first time, but the young girls said, " no, you should repeat the exercise with us again and again unless you success. I followed the instructions, and I tried it again and again. All the time the young girls were claping for me.

The seconed exercise, Romi said, " put your right hand at the edge of the wall, and keep your left hand pushing strongly the wall inside the water, with immersion in the pool, raising your body up under the water and moving your foots up and down very quickly in the water too, the young girls were watching me carefully, they helped me to practice this difficult exercise untill I did it by my self.

The third exercise, Romi and Mekhal brought two open swimming straps, they showed me how to use one by my self after putting it back of me, and the other strap they were hold it after I raised my legs on it, and they took me to the deepness area in the swimming pool.

Really, I was scared, it was the first time I made swimming exercise, I was asking the girls for returning, but I was told to be patient, they said, " please don't worry, you will not fall down, we are holding you, and just you should be relax, and try to help us. All the time I used to give instrctions and advises to Romi at home, and now I must lessen to her advise, the continued helping me swimming unless we success togather. Then I ranaway out of the pool.