Kawther Salam's Diary 

Hell Made in Israel (16/6/02)

The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

I'm thinking alot of breaking out of my " Hell " , It's difficult to continue living the life of " Hell " , talking, reporting and thinking, tomorrow is worse more than today,the evil continue working in our life!! Even if you live with a wild animal, after a while, maybe, he become innocent one, and he didn't harm you, but I don't think the wild soldiers I lived with them will become innocent one day!!

The moment I'm writing now, I'm trying to get out of all of this terrible situation,a friend of mine is sitting next to me, traying to give me a hope of a nice future, the future that I can't feel it will comes under the American forigen policy toward the Middle East!!

I can't dream to have a temporary State today, and I don't have a State for tomorrow, I can't imagine my self living a permenant " Hell " in my homeland, living with the evil of the IDF occupation stationed on my rooftop. This all what the new global world lead by the US offer us to have!!

As much as the occupation hurt me, my people, the injustice in the world hurt me more, all what the international world admited under the international declaration of the human rights, they steped on, tresspass and ignored it in order to make the American State happy, or to make the occupation happy, I don't know how long we will continue live under the occupation?? How long the US will continue supporting the occupation??

I don't understand the contridictig occupation and world!! the moment that the Israeli occupation continue talking about the unlogical division of jerusalem for two states, it's the same moment that Hebron was divided for two parts, the moments that 200 jewish extreme settlers occupied the center of the city in the middle of 40000 Palestinians citezens!! It's the same moment they start building the security siege, the continued occupying the Palestinians cities!!

How long the occupation want's to live with us, and how long the State will continue supporting the occupation??