Kawther Salam's Diary 

Hell Made in Israel (11/7/02)

The Daily Life Of Kawther Salam

This is the third day of my strike food I was started on Monday, the 8th of July 2002!!

The Israeli Civil Administration in Beit Il responed to my permit request dated 13th, June 2002. " Menoah Shabak " !!

Menoah: means prohibited, forbidden.

Shabak: means the Israeli intelligence system.

Under " Menoah Shabak " , I can't travel anywhere through Ben Gurion Airport, Jordan Bridge and Egypt either!! The " Intelligence Shabak " , recommended by the Israeli Government Press Office Colonel Daniel Seaman, decided all the best for me!! The same like Colonel Daniel Seaman decided before not to renew my press card. He recommending the Shabak to help him!! The Shabak made his decision with two words sign under my ID NO, " Menoah Shabak " !!

" Prohibited Shabak " !!

Two small words controld my life under house arrest, House administrative arrest...what ever you explain is possible!! The Israeli occupation is very qualified of the " apartheid " policy, more than the destroyed centuries of the " Stone Age " of the occupation!! No one can argue in this, the Israeli occupation have the cridet of that!!

This is all the best for me, to be under the Shabak control!! Why not?? The democratic country, the Stat of Israel is scary of me, of the free expressions. That's made a lot of noise for them under fighting against " Terror Propaganda " !!

That's harm the Zionist Lobby Propaganda in Europe and the International Word!! Colonel Daniel Seaman, the government spokesperson, and the settlers spokesperson said his wisdom to the foreign press requesting him about causing such of problems for the Palestinian Journalists. " Palestinians journalists are Palestinians. we shouldn't forget this fact " !! This is the " Fascism " of the century 21.

Maybe Colonel Daniel Seaman find a new job for me under the intelligence " Shabak " arm!!?? How long the Colonel Daniel Seaman and his intelligence Shabak will continue controlling my work and life?? Even after 20 years I'll fill a complaint a against the " Israeli Fascism " through the International court...