Kawther Salam's Diary 

Hell Made in Israel (30/6/02)

The Daily Life of Lather Salaam

The Civil Administration President General Dov Tzadaka, promised to help me, to grant a travel permit to access through the Ben Gurion airport, but maybe, it will take him one year until he fulfill to his word and promise!! Since the 13th, June 2002 until today 30 June and Mr. Tzadaka continue repeating the same words, the " Police " , the " Intelligence " are looking for you!!

Today, I called the Police Headquarter in Hebron, I talked with Mr. Shelomo Ifraty Investigating Unit, I asked if really the Police is looking for me or not?? I was astonished when they asked me " who told you this lies " , you are not wanted from our side!!

I passed this response for General Dov Tzadaka, but he said, it will take him time unless he check it!!

From Germany, Mr. Lodwig Thallemer, faxed 30th, June 2002, an urgent request to General Amos Gila'd for grant access permit to Ben Gurion Airport.

Mr. Ramin Darakashani from Vienna posted his embassy in Tel-Aviv another request for the same purpose!!

The International Federation of Journalists in Europe started dealing with the same matter!! And later, the Press will write about it.

This is Israel, that controlled the atmosphere we breath, for security reasons!! That's mean, for occupational reasons!!