Kawther Salam's Diary 

Hell Made in Israel (29/6/02)

The Daily Life of Lather Salaam

It was a " Terrible " day, but tomorrow is " Worse " !! It's enough to live under the occupation, to have a feel that you are not a human being. To die 24 hour, the occupation killed our hopes, and feeling.

I am writing daily about the occupation. Today I wrote about " Sharon " and " Bush " policy of ending the PA. Today, I wrote about the IDF " Paranoia " , the military siege and collective punishment against civil people in the city of Hebron that lived 6 days under a massive military operation as a result of the IDF " Paranoia " and the pretext of fighting gunmen in the PA Headquarter!! They destroyed the building, but nothing was founded!!

The Israeli army is creating a situation of fear and terror among the civilian population, as well as endangering their lives. There is no justification for the attacks on civilians, and collective punishment Palestinians are subjected to.

Hebron is always known as the city it's residents never experienced hunger. But under the occupation the Israeli authorities imposed strict curfew on the city and lasted for over 550 days since the beginning of the Intifada, this prevented all the poor people they lived in the old city under the occupation to receive the only free meal they used to receive from the " Takiyia " of " Ibrahim " !!

in the old city there is over 570 extremely poor families they depends on this traditional free meal, the Israeli soldiers raided an old woman house, aged 92 and searched her room where they finally found a dry pocket of bread she collects to soak it in water and to eat it over several days under the curfew!! The woman cried endless for the curfew and closing the free meal, the " Takyia " !! She said, " I used to have my only meal from the Takia and now I collect crumbs of bread to survive " !!

This is the real " War " , between the occupation and the civil people n Hebron!! It is the " Starvation War " to expelled the people out of the city!!