Kawther Salam's Diary 

Hell Made in Israel (25/6/02)

The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

Monday, the 1st of July must be the last day of my staying in Israel.

Monday, the first of July must be the day of my departure to Europe according to my plan. But it seems to me Monday, 1st of July I will returen to Hebron, to my house, the Hell made in Israel!!

Until now, the Israeli Civil Administration that suppose to give me a permite and allowing me to leave the " Hell made in Israel " , didn't response to my request dated 13th, June 2002 concerning my departure permit to Europe.

Genaral Dov Todsika, the Israeli Civil Administration presidant, can't give me a permit!! Genaral Todsika, must have a permit from the intelligence, the police, the army, the settlers ...before he response to my appeal!! This is the general system of the civil administration work in the normal situation!!

The " Bleeding Evil Quadrilateral " system " BEQ -IPAS " , of the intelligence, the police, the army and the settlers, are controling the Civil Administration work!!

In many cases, the Civil Administration, playing the link roll between the Palestinian and the " BEQ-IPAS " , using their civil needs and intrests.

In such cases the cancer patients were the victomized of this policy. Fatimah Al-Alol from Hebron was died of cancer when the Civel Administration refused her medical appeal for a permit as a result of making prusser on her son Mahmoud to be a spy!!

Since over one year, the Civil Administration stopped giving permits for human medical treatment, causing death for the " Cancer and Renal " cases!!

The Civil Administration giving some permits just for the Palestinians they live near the army and the Jewish settlements, controling their entering homes!! These people are suffer always of the Civil Administration inhuman law which controled their free movments and teir relatives visit to enter and get out of their homes!!

The Civil Administration have another duties, of demolishing the Palestinians houses and cofiscatng thier lands!! They give permits for growing up and builing the new settlements while they never give the Palestinians any permits to build new houses in the areas under the Israeli control!!

In Al-Baka area in Hebron, there is 36 family are living in their houses before 1967, the averge number of each family between 20-25 person they live in two rooms!! The new marriages used to continue live with 5 and 6 children in one room, the civil administarion refused always to give these families permits to build new houses, while they continued confiscating their agriculture lands for growing Kiryat Arba and Kharsinah settlements. Recently they build a new housing project on their lands serving the Kharsinah settlement!!

The border of the new settlement, is over the roof of Abed- Aljawad's Jaber house, the civil administration used to damaged this family trees and cut the water pipes which suplyed them. The settlers alwayas attacked the family and caused injury for old man 76 years and his wife 60 years old. Both of them were hospitalized several times as a result of these attacks!!

Most of the civl administration workers are extreme settlers and corrupted persons, such like the head of organizing department Mr. Daveed Kishek who was investigated for several times by the police that finally recommended of trialing him!!

Rami Ikrai and Yosi are corrupted two!!

Acouple of months before the Intifada started, the Israeli newspaper 'Yada'ot Ahranot " published a big reports about the civil administration corrupted employees and the illegal projects they build using the governmet place!!