Kawther Salam's Diary 

Hell Made in Israel (9/7/02)

The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

On June, 2002, I rescued the life of a Jewish child was lost " AL-Kasaba " market in the city of Hebron. The city was under the regular curfew which was imposed on the Palestinians at the same day, and which still imposed on the city until this moment??

At that time, and when I called the Israeli Civil Administration asking them for a help to send the child back to his family, they hanged up the telephone!!

The General Dov Tzadaka, the Head of the Civil Administration was hanged the telephone when I called him either!!

The Israeli officers were very angry and scary about what I was published against both of the corrupted officers in the Civil Administration " Daived Kishek and Rami Ikrae " .

All the Civil Administration employees were shocked!! The government was involved a special Generals committee to investigate the story. The Defense Minister and the General Yakov Orr were recommended of that

The officers were accusing some of the Israeli employees of passing all the information's to me!! Why not, it was eternal informational and privacy of the Civil Administration Affairs!!

No Palestinian was working in the civil Administration in 2000, when I published my stories against the corrupted officers!!

How it comes, a Palestinian journalist exploded all of these scandals without any help from the Civil Administration themselves?? It was a big question mark??

The employees were accusing each others, with suspected looking, It was the case of " Hysteria " spread through all of these offices!!

The Civil Administration spokesperson, Mr. Shelomo Dror, held a meeting with me in " Apropo cafe " IN Tel-Aviv, to be sure how I can prove all the scandals!! He threat me before, to call " Jebrien Al Rojoub " and telling him the " Inelegance Shabak " stopped behind!!

When I asked him to call " Jebrie Al Rojoub " and telling him that's better to him that " AL-Mused " , stopped behind my information's, he was shocked, and threaten to take me to the court!!

I wasn't scary, I advised him to go ahead, because I'm going to put his officers in Jail, that's all what I want!! We held the meeting with Mr. Shelomo Dror, and I showed him some documented papers that I have hundreds of papers like them!!

Mr. Shelomo, asked me if it possible to deal with the Generals investigation committee of this issue, and I a agree with him, and I threat if the committee will hid the scandals I will hold a press conference and provide the journalists with some of the documented papers.

Nobody called me after that, nobody took me to the court. and the Central headquarter in Tel- Aviv, and the Defense Minister recommended to follow the issue seriously

" Daid Kishek and Rami Ikrae " were 6 months under " Yahab " Police Unit investigation!! The Police recommended to hold a trail for both of them. Until now the Supreme Court continue ignoring the issue??!! Nobody knows how the things going on in the Court!! Now. in 2002, I pay the price of this scandal!! The Civil Administration won't give a travel permit!!