Kawther Salam's Diary 

Hell Made in Israel (4/7/02)

The Daily Life of Kawther Salam

I'm still trying to find which Police is looking for me. I requested most of the Israeli Police Units, but all of them denied looking for me!!

I wrote for both of the Generals Dov Tzadaka and Amos Gila'ad requesting the " EXCELLENCY " of their computers to tell them which Police is looking for me!!

I can't walk in the streets in the 21 centenary and ask which Police is looking for me, Please help me, the General Tzadaka said this!! I think General Tzadaka is shy to tell me freely that the " INTELLIGENCE SHABAK " under the cover of the Police is looking for spy mission!! The General assistant " Bany " , told me the intelligence is looking for me. But he said also, that the " INTELLIGENCE " is busy now a days and they can't meet me.

It's not logical that the Generals offices deal with such issues like this and using the civil needs to make connection between them and the Shabak. I can't meet the " SHABAK " Police without sending me an official invitation paper, that can help me to hold this great meeting!! I think this the right way to invite someone in the State of the " LAW " !!

I don't think the " SHABAK " will add one word to his nice computer as a result of holding a meeting with me. All what I know just the violation of human rights stories made by the IDF soldiers under the occupation, and I don't think the " SHABAK " is interesting in these issues!!