Past Activities 

Demonstration against the wall in Qalqilyia

"First of all - the wall must fall!" shouted the peace activists at a demonstration against the Apartheid Wall that was called jointly by the public organization of Qalqilya and Gush Shalom.

The Israeli peace activists demonstrated on the Israeli side with posters that said "The wall - a ghetto for Israelis, a prison for Palestinians" and "The Green Line - the Border of Peace". On the Palestinian side of the fence hundreds of Palestinians waived flags and posters.

Between the two lines of demonstrators, a large number soldiers guarded the fence and prevented the Israelis and Palestinians from meeting.

The historian Teddy Katz used a megaphone to speak in Arabic to the Palestinians, who answered with shouts.

At the end of the demonstration, one young Palestinian woman was allowed to pass the fence and to convey a written letter of thanks to the Israelis. The demonstration took place at the spot were the wall leaves the Green Line in order to cut deep into Palestinian territory. At this place the Wall changes into a fence that surround the town of Qalqilya completely, allowing people to enter or leave only through one small gate.