Past Activities 

Demonstration against the Wall in Abu Dis

More than 3000 Israelis and Palestinians participatet in the largest demonstration against the Wall in Abu Dis near Jerusalem.

This is the largest demonstration against the wall up to no now. The demonstration was held under the slogan: "Don't Say: We Did Not Know!".

As members of the "Israeli Coalition Against the Wall", Gush Shalom activists took part in a march along the eight meters high wall and in a protest rally at its foot. The Palestinian side was represented by the "Popular Committee Against the Wall in East Jerusalem", and the Israelis side consisted of "Ta'ayush", the "Women's Coalition for Peace", "Yesh Gvul" and several other peace organizations. The demonstrators shouted in two languages: "Peace - Yes, the Wall - No!"

The demonstration took place on the Palestinian side of the wall, which is illegal for Israelis. However, the police did not interfere. A large force of jeeps and mounted policemen was kept in reserve, out of sight. When the demonstraters returned to their buses, some clashes occurred. Three demonstrators were arrested but later released.