Past Activities 

Uri Avnery's Speech in Abu Dis

Speech of Uri Avnery, on behalf of Gush Shalom, at joint Israeli-Palestinian mass demonstration against the Wall, Abu Dis

(Translated from Hebrew)

We stand here, in the shadow of the monster,

and call to the Israeli public:

Don't say: We did not know!

Don't say: We did not see!

Don't say: We did not hear!

We stand in the shadow of the monster - the monster that kills peace,

the monster that kills co-existence, the monster the kills security,

the monster that kills Jerusalem and the whole country.

To the creators of this monster we say:

YOU build a wall. WE build a bridge.

YOU build a wall of hatred, a wall of separation, a wall of apartheid.

WE build a bridge between the two peoples,

a bridge of peace, a bridge of togetherness.

YOU speak about security but think about war,

a war without end, a war in which yet unborn Israelis and Palestinians will kill each other.

WE work for peace between the two peoples of this country, a peace that will give security to all of us, Israelis and Palestinians, to this generation and generations to come. Here, in East Jerusalem, the capital of the future State of Palestine, we declare:

The wall will fall!

Sharon will fall!

The government of the settlers,

by the settlers and for the settlers, will fall!

Together, only together, Israelis and Palestinians,

Palestinians and Israelis,

we shall bring peace to the whole country and to the city of Jerusalem,

the capital of Israel and the capital of Palestine!

Two states, two capitals, without walls,

without fences - one common future for all of us!