Past Activities 

“Stop Killing, Start Talking!”

Following the call of Gush Shalom, about 300 men and women assembled Tuesday evening (5.10) in front of the Ministry of Defense in Tel-Aviv to protest against the army invasion of the Gaza strip, in order to demand “Leave Gaza At Once!”

Among the posters and slogans:

“The incursion is a statement of bankruptcy!”

“It won’t end if we don’t refuse!”

“Sderot and Jebalia – victims of the occupation!”

“Father, what is your boy doing in Gaza?”

“It’s good to die for Netzarim settlement?”

“Soldiers are being killed for the settlers!”

“Soldier, stop! Black flag!”

Other peace groups joined the Gush initiative, among them the group “Courage to Refuse”, which made a strong showing, and a group of Arab citizens from Jaffa. A strong army and police detachment was guarding the entrance to the ministry.

“This is only the beginning,” Uri Avnery of Gush Shalom declared, “The resistance movement will grow until we compel Sharon to bring the soldiers back from the Gaza Strip.” Gush spokesman Adam Keller said that “the more Sharon talks about disengagement, the deeper the army penetrates the Gaza Strip!”