Past Activities 

Free Marwan Baghouti!

Marwan Barghouti is a Palestinian leader, who fully supports a peaceful solution of two states - Israel and Palestine, living side by side within internationally recognized borders.

For many years, during the peace process, Marwan Barghouti formed many connections with leaders of the Israeli peace camp, Even according to Israeli prosecutors, Barghoti made many efforts to limit the Palestinian struggle to the occupied territories.

His place is not behind bars - but at the negotiation table.

Those who abducted Marwan barghouti,

just like those who demolished the mukat'a, and tried to humiliate Yassir arafat - don't want peace with ANY Palestinian,

They have completely different plans...

It is important that we, members of all peace movements, show solidarity with Marwan Barghouti.

come to the court room in Tel Aviv, tomorrow, 03/10. The trial will start at 12:00, (Judge Zvi Gurfinkel) Come as early as 10:00 in order to ensure your seats.