Past Activities 

Against the Barghouti Sentence

An unusual demonstration of 15 "Gush Shalom" activists took place today (Sunday, 6.6.04) in the corridor of the Tel-Aviv District Court, just before the judges sentenced Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti to life imprisonment.

The demonstrators raised poster saying "Barghouti - Talk peace with him, don't imprison him!"

Gush Shalom spokesman, Adam Keller, declared: "This is a political show trial, such as is typical for totalitarian regimes. Barghouti is a political leader, and his place is at the negotiation table."

After a few minutes, the special court guard unit attacked the demonstrators and tore their posters. However, the activists had prepared for that in advance, and drew from their pockets new posters. The guards pushed the demonstrators away by force. They attacked with special violence Gush activist Yuval Halperin, led him to another corner while twisting his arm, threw him to the ground, kneeled on him and choked him. One of them shouted: "I shall kill you if you don't give me the material!" - probably meaning the posters.

When they led Halperin away, the other activists sat down on the ground, announcing that they would not budge until their comrade was set free. After some negotiation, this was done.